4 Fitness Tips to Get Ripped Six Pack Abs – Clark Answers Your Questions!

4 Fitness Tips to Get Ripped Six Pack Abs – Clark Answers Your Questions!



This Weird Trick Gets You Ripped:

Whats up, guys? It’s Clark here with Six Pack Shortcuts. I get a lot of questions from people so I wanted to make a video to explain some of the answers so that you are better able to get ripped six pack abs and the body you deserve!

0:12 – “When is the best time to workout?” The easy answer is this: When you have the most energy. You don’t wanna work out when you’re kind of halfway performing the reps or not able to hit the workout with the right intensity. Some people that’s morning, but for me personally, it’s in the evening. Sometimes I’ll even go at midnight or 2am.

0:42 Another question I get a lot is about stretching. “When should you stretch?” Well, the best time to stretch is when a muscle has been warmed up. Think of a rubberband or chewing gum and how much more elastic and flexible it becomes when it has been warmed up or worked out a little bit. Same thing with your muscles – you don’t want to stretch a cold muscle. I tend to stretch all my muscles after I workout.

1:15 So what about warming up? Yes – absolutely warm up before your workouts. The best warm up in my opinion is whatever exercise you’re about to do . If you’re going to do squats, then do some with lighter weight. Or bench press – do bench, with lighter weight. If it’s rows – same thing! Use lighter weight before you get into the actual sets.

1:40 Another question: Best time to do cardio? Well your body uses different sources of energy for fuel; protein, carbohydrate, and fats. But your body’s main source of fuel is going to come from carbohydrates; glycogen, glucose – that’s what your body uses for fuel. So if you were to get up right now, let’s say you didn’t do anything all day… and you ran for 30 minutes and burned 300 calories, does it mean you burn 300 calories from fat? No. It just means you burned 300 total calories in general and a majority of those calories are from carbohydrates because that’s what your body has readily available and that’s what our bodies like to use for fuel.

2:23 So you have people that do cardio every day and don’t lose an ounce of fat and they wonder why? Because they’re burning off calories and putting them right back into their body.

2:33 So how do you force your body to use fat for fuel instead of sugars and carbs? The answer is to not have an abundance of carbohydrates in the first place. You don’t want to be carb loaded all day long so when you do your cardio, all you’re doing is burning off what you already have in your body. So if your body doesn’t have an abundance of carbs in the first place, then it’s going to switch to a back-up source of energy, which is either going to be protein or fat – but hopefully you’re burning fat and not protein. You don’t want to lose your muscle mass.

3:05 Back to the question – When is the best time to do cardio? It’s gonna be immediately after your workout when you’re done lifting, when you’re kind of tired because you’ve already depleted the primary source of fuel (glycogen) because at that point, your body will switch to it’s backup sources of fuel. After your work out, don’t leave the gym – and knock out some cardio.

3:26 Another good time to do cardio is right when you wake up in the morning because it’s the longest gap that you go without having a meal Your body is already in a semi depleted state and you might be a little more efficient at burning fat.

3:55 That’s all the questions that come to mind right now but if I think of something else or somebody runs into me later today and asks me a question, I’ll be sure to answer those in the next video!

I had these questions once like you upon a time too. It’s all a learning process and you’ll figure things out as you go along if you continue following us and doing your own research. It will eventually come to you as second nature or feel like common sense. Don’t freak out if you feel like a noob and have these questions – go ahead and ask. We want you to become the best version of yourself, get shredded, and feel good doing it. If you want to get ripped too, check us out:


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