3 New Tips – How To Lose Belly Fat Now

3 New Tips – How To Lose Belly Fat Now



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Hey man, Henry here today to talk you to you guys about how you can get rid of stubborn belly fat FOR GOOD.

The most important component to getting in the best shape possible is to understand the importance of tacking your progress. If you don’t know how to track your progress, it’s nearly impossible to reach your full potential in fat loss.

1:36 – So what are the best ways? One way to track your progress is using calipers. This is not the method that I personally use because it’s sort of tough to do on yourself.

2:00 – The next method is keeping a journal. Log your workouts and log your daily food intake to see how your body is really responding to what you are putting it through… By logging, you may be able to detect some areas of your fitness plan that need some more attention.

2:24 – Thirdly, take progress pictures. Progress pictures, once a week, are a great way to keep a visible log of how your body is progressing during your efforts to get in shape. For best results, take your photos at the same time, same place first thing in the morning once a week, say on a Sunday for example. That way the conditions are the same and you’ll have a better chance at detecting changes in your body.

3:50 – Now the next progress tracker I am SO excited about is this brand new Body Analyzer Scale.

4:00 – Not only does it tell you your body weight, it tells you your fat mass, bone mass, muscle mass and even your water weight mass is…

4:14 – Essentially… This bad boy does all of the work of calipers and journaling and standard bodyweight scale combined!

4:40 – Plus… Two of the GREATEST fighters in the UFC, Meisha Tate and Holly Holm are using this Body Analyzer as well to be able to track their body’s progression in order to maximize their performance in the ring.

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5:20 – And speaking of performance… I’ve got one of the best fat burning workouts to share with you today… It’s called an EMOM, or “every minute on the minute” workout.


Set your timer for 8 minutes. For each minute, you will complete 10 over the bar burpees.. The remaining time left over in each 1 minute block will be your rest time.

6:05 – Minute 1: 10 over the bar burpees

6:48 – Minute 2: 10 over the bar burpees

8:10 – Minute 3… It’s getting a little bit more tough! 10 more!

9:10 – Half way there… Minute 4: 10 over the bar burpees

9:57 – I am going to have to cheat and give myself a tid bit more rest here… Listen to your body, guys.

10:50 – Clark it stepping in to finish this up for me!

11:35 – Alright, Minute 7: 10 to go.

12:55 – Final round here guys. EMOM workouts are no joke!

12:30 – Take the rest that you need here guys. This training style is tough but when it comes to fat loss, it’s one of the absolute best ways to get your fat-burning metabolism cranking.

Drop body fat fast:

Thanks for tuning in again this week. I hope that my strategies for tracking your progress become part of your regular fitness routine because I am more than certain you’ll be able to reach your goals much faster…

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That’s all for this week guys,
until next time…

Trust the process!


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