3 Dangerous Shoulder Exercises You Should Never Do

3 Dangerous Shoulder Exercises You Should Never Do



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What’s up guys… Clark Shao out here with SPS, and today I want to talk about three very harmful shoulder exercises – or potentially harmful shoulder exercises that you guys may be doing.

These might not be harmful right away, or maybe not even for a very, very long time, you could probably do these exercises for years and not have any issues with your shoulders – but they put unnecessary risk and stress on the shoulders and there are a lot better exercises that you can do to build your shoulders.

So the very first one is upright rows – especially with a barbell. The reason is because it causes something called internal rotation and this isn’t always damaging initially, but over time it puts too much stress there that eventually your shoulders can become injured or you can cause something to give out.

And you can do dumbbell presses instead, or lateral raises… I mean there’s a million other shoulder exercises you can do you instead of putting yourself at risk with upright rows.

The second dangerous exercise to do for your shoulders or potentially harmful one is behind the neck presses. Now this does the exact opposite instead of internal rotation – it does external rotation.

This is an unnatural movement for your shoulder and also your range of motion, and it creates a lot of stress on your rotator cuff and that’s basically what stabilizes your shoulders. So when you go too far back, especially with resistance, that really just put you at big risk for injuring your shoulders.

Now lastly, another exercise that causes external rotation: Behind the neck pull-downs. You get just as much benefit from bringing the bar in front of your face rather than behind the neck, plus you can squeeze your posterior deltoids a little bit better when you bring it in front, so you’re actually getting a more effective range of motion.

So there you have it: Three very common common exercises that a lot of people do that puts unnecessary risk on your shoulders. Make sure you avoid these and change them out for something that’s going to put less stress on your rotator cuff so you can keep exercising, burning the calories, and getting ripped with us:


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