When long, slow cardio is GOOD – Mike Chang

When long, slow cardio is GOOD – Mike Chang



The SHOCKING TRUTH about cardio:

Hey Guys!

Welcome back! In this video I am going to unveil on of my belly fat burning secrets that may sound a little crazy but it really works great!

First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach I will always take a brisk walk, on do some from of low intensity cardio.

The secret in this trick is when you have basically fasted for 7 plus hours while sleeping your body has pretty much already broken down all of its carbs and proteins and all you will have left to burn are sugars and muscle fibers.

Obviously you dont want to burn your muscles so its very important to keep the intensity of this workout extremely low so your body can continue to function properly without burning your muscle fibers.

Start of using this trick about 3 days a week for about 15 minutes. Do this for a few weeks and I know you will see a huge difference!

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Train Hard!


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