Get Ripped Like An MMA Fighter – 3 Tips

Get Ripped Like An MMA Fighter – 3 Tips



MMA fighters’ secret to getting ripped…EXPOSED:

Hey guys, in this video we’re going to give you three tips to get a ripped body like an MMA fighter — where you’re not overly muscular, but you look natural, ripped, and athletic.

Tip #1 — You don’t have to train like a fighter to look like a fighter.

A lot of people watch MMA fights and think “man…those guys look awesome. But there’s no way I can look like that — those guys are professionals that train for eight hours a day!”

And it’s true…the fighters you see in the UFC ARE typically devoting their life to training. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that:

**You don’t have to train like a fighter to LOOK like a fighter”

You can get that lean, ripped fighter LOOK by doing short 30 minute workouts 4-5 times per week, and by following the right diet. That’s really good news for you if you want that lean, natural “fighter” look!

Of course, if you want to PERFORM like a fighter you will have to train like a fighter. Most of fighters training is for performance…to get better cardio, or to improve their fighting techniques. But you can get their LOOK with far less training. And while you probably won’t be ready to fight GSP anytime soon…you’ll still be much more athletic than most guys, even with these short 30 minute workouts.

Of course, the catch is that you can’t do just ANY 30 minute workout and get fighter ripped. You have to be doing an INTENSE workout that both builds muscle and burns large amounts of calories.

That’s why I recommend Afterburn Training for my clients who are trying to get that “fighter ripped” look. This video shows how Afterburn training works and how you can start using it in your workouts:

Tip #2 — Focus on the 3 “fighter lifts” in the gym

A lot of people don’t know that almost all MMA fighters lift weights, but NOT the way normal people lift weights. They usually only lift weights 2-3 days a week, but they get MASSIVE results from their workouts.

MMA fighters follow a powerlifting routine focused on the “Big 3” powerlifting lifts. The lifts they focus on are:

⁃ Squats
⁃ Bench Press
⁃ Dead Lift

You will gain MUCH more muscle focusing on these lifts in your routine instead of doing lots of isolation exercises, and you’ll get a natural looking body like a fighter.

BUT — doing heavy power lifts regularly will get you injured if your form is not perfect. Make sure that you learn how to perform these lifts with great form from a coach you trust before doing them.

Tip 3: Use an Afterburn Training routine to get ripped like a fighter

Afterburn Training consists of heavy compound weightlifting combined with high intensity cardio. It’s basically what MMA fighters do, minus the parts of their training that are only for their fighting techniques or athletic performance

The reason why we like Afterburn Training is that it allows you to burn calories for up to 48 hours after your workout is over. This keeps you lean and ripped with just short 30 minute workouts.

I posted a free video that shows you the scientific proof Afterburn Training gets you ripped faster, and exactly how you can start using it in your workout. Check it out at:

Check out that video now, we’ll see you there!

– Mike

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