TOXINS: The Reason Why You’re Fat — How Toxins Destroy Your Body & How To Detox

TOXINS: The Reason Why You’re Fat — How Toxins Destroy Your Body & How To Detox



How men over 40 can get lean fast:

Hey guys, Clark Bartram here today and I want to share something with men over 40… I want to show you how detoxing your body will allow you to regain your health and get into the best shape of your life.

1:16 – I want to first address the reasons WHY men over 40 should consider detoxing: Give it a try if you want to slow aging, function better, look better, have healthier skin/hair/eyes. What do you have to lose?

1:34 – So let’s start off by asking yourself: How toxic is your life? We often buy hazardous chemicals to do daily cleaning chores.

2:20 – How many chemicals in your home do you handle each day and how toxic is your home? Look under the sink at all the products. Cleansers, bleaches, ammonias, air fresheners.

2:40 – Personal care products with harsh chemicals – shampoo, conditioners, deodorants, toothpastes.

3:15 – Identify which items you can change/modify with a natural product rather than toxic chemicals, and be aware of it when shopping for these items so we can avoid making direct contact so frequently with possibly dangerous and harsh chemicals.

3:50 – Think also about the toxic chemical compounds used to make pesticides, weed killers! They kill off weeds and living organisms…. what do you think they can do to your body? Inhaling it, direct contact with skin.

4:35 – Identify chemicals around you that could be toxic – like cologne, hair spray, hair gel… Why do you think your wife is coughing or can’t breathe when you’re spraying this toxic fume all around a tiny bathroom?

5:05 – Treat your life & body like the other meaningful things in life that are precious commodities to you, like the businesses you run, or your vehicles that you want to keep in perfect shape. Do you smoke, drink, do drugs? Adding extra work to the liver and kidneys by adding chemicals and toxins to your body that you could just as easily avoid?

5:50 – Toxicity in work environment – what do you do for a job? Do you work around chemicals, or cars with car exhaust pouring into your lungs? Do you work in a place with a lot of negative energy that could be toxic to your mindset and your stress levels?

6:18 So you have your home, your personal care, work environment… What if you’re a painter? Or you work around furniture with stains and paint…. The longer you are around something, usually the more shortcuts we take and begin to not wear the protective gear like gloves and masks like we should be, further exposing ourselves to more toxic fumes and agents that are detrimental to our health.

7:00 – What are you consuming that causes more stress in your body and organs? Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes? Energy drinks?

7:17 – Energy drinks are full of excitotoxins – like MSG – something that gets into your brain, plays games with receptors in your brain. These chemicals get into your brain and they’re just bouncing around, looking for a way to leave the body – that’s what gives you the false sense of energy.

8:00 Hopefully you’re beginning to think more about the toxic agents and detrimental chemicals you’re exposed to on a daily basis. Are they making you age prematurely? Men over 40, I want to help you live in your healthiest and happiest body so you can function and look like a man half your age.

Get a toned midsection at any age:

Thanks again for tuning in today, guys. If you have never considered how harmful some of the most everyday aspects of your life truly are, don’t freak out just yet – Yes, there is something that you can do right now to reverse the damage that the toxic elements of your life have been causing you, without you even realizing it!

To reverse toxic damage and finally regain your health, you need to check this out:

Til’ next time,
-Clark Bartram

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