Home shoulder workout for a V-TAPER body

Home shoulder workout for a V-TAPER body



How to get a ripped V-CUT body:

Thanks for joining us today,

I’m Mike Chang and In this video I’ll show y’all how to use these specific exercises to widen up your shoulder and create a perfect V-Taper. A V-Taper body will gives the illusion of a tiny waist line and a massive upper body that women are genetically drawn to. So watch the video and lets get started.

This great shoulder workout could be done at home with just a pair of dumbbells. This is a complete workout that takes only a couple minutes and could be done anywhere anytime. The main muscles targeted are your deltoids / shoulders, traps, and upper back.

Routine Breakdown:

*Warmup with side and front laterals

4 sets of 10 reps each:

-Arnold press
-Bent arm side lateral
-Front raises

I know you guys had a hardcore workout, so be proud of yourself. Remember your shoulders are one of your main show off muscles, so make sure you train them hard. Keep up the good work and in no time you will be able show off your wide shoulders and tiny waist.

And If want to get a ripped V-taper body fast, watch this video now:

In that video I show you this 1 strange trick that I use to get the ripped V-taper body that women love. What it comes down to is that you need a way of training that both builds muscle fast, and keeps you lean so your waist stays small.

In this video I show you the workout “trick” I use to do this…and I show you how you can use it too. Check it out:

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Home shoulder workout for a V-TAPER body