V-Shape Back Workout

V-Shape Back Workout



Build muscle really fast:

What’s up Six Pack Shortcutters!

In todays episode we are going to show you how to build lean muscle in your back faster than you ever thought possible. I have received a bunch of emails asking how to get that desired v-shaped back so I wanted to make a video showing you the exact back workout I do for my ripped v-shaped back.

When you build your back properly the rest of your body will look bigger too! These power lifts I incorporate into this routine will help you develop your upper and lower back.

A lot of people get confused how to properly build your back. People spend years trying to build a strong ripped back. Many give up… because its REALLY hard, but I am going to show you a really effective way to build your back that takes about 5 minutes and will get your back ripped up FAST!

Here’s how it works:


4-5 sets of 12. Just grab a regular bench bar and stick in in a corner of whatever room you are working out in. Wrap a t-bar around the bar and simply pull the bar to your chest. Make sure you aren’t jerking the weight up, just stay slow and deliberate with your motion and you will feel the burn!

Dead lifts: 3:17

4-5 sets. This is a common power lift I know many of you have seen me do before. However its effectiveness in building muscle on your back is unmatched. Make sure your feet stay planted and your back stays straight. Do a weight where you are working really hard to get up your last rep of every set.

Pull overs: 4:17

Position your body parallel to the bench stabilizing your shoulder blades on the width end. Start with a barbell raised above the center of your chest. As you move the barbell back behind your head try to keep your back flat and parallel to the floor. When you bring the barbell back to the starting position remember to exhale and feel your chest and triceps flex.

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Workout song : Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

V-Shape Back Workout