How Henry Got His Six Pack Abs:

What’s going on, Six Pack Shortcuts? It’s your boy, Jonny, coming to you today with another EPIC battle here to see who’s the best of the best at Six Pack Shortcuts.

Today we have here the beautiful BURPEE QUEEN Kelly and her lovely partner Jules for Team Fitness Model going head-to-head with my boy Henry and kickass teammate Adam putting Team Six Pack Shortcuts on their back. We’re going to see who’s got what it takes to go home the winner of today’s Official Six Pack Shortcuts Burpee Battle.

1:00 – Rules for the Official Six Pack Shortcuts Burpee Battle:
There will be a total of 2 rounds per team, each lasting 60 seconds.
Each team will go twice so both members perform the burpees and hold the plank position.
As one team member is in a plank position on the ground, their teammate will perform burpees to their partner’s side, jumping back-and-forth over them for every rep
If the team member performing the burpees touches the teammate in the plank, or the team member in the plank falls out of position to the ground, that rep WILL NOT COUNT
The team with the most burpees for total for both rounds will be the winners

The winners of the challenge will be crowned the new Six Pack Shortcuts Team Burpee Champions, while the losers will have to leave the fate of their punishment up to a “Workouts From Hell” chosen for them by yours truly.

The Predictions:
1:26 – Team Fitness Model
1:38 – Team Six Pack Shortcuts

-Round 1:
2:21 – ADAM – 20 reps
3:18 – JULES – 18 reps

-Round 2:
4:45 – BURPEE QUEEN KELLY – 20 reps
6:02 – HENRY

Ladies and gentlemen… We have a couple winners here today in the Official Six Pack Shortcuts Burpee Challenge. With a total of 41 burpees… Executed over one’s teammate in for 1 minute for 2 rounds… The Six Pack Shortcuts Team Burpee Champions… TEAM SIX PACK SHORTCUTS OF HENRY TRAN AND ADAM CABALLERO! After checking back the officials in the booth, Henry came out ahead in the second round doing a total of 21 reps to surpass Team Fitness Model’s total of 38 reps.

As mentioned, Team Fitness Model will have to endure one of our “Workouts From Hell:” You at home can try this killer workout if you just have a light-weight set of dumbbells:

1. Jump Squats x 10 reps
2. Dumbbell Renegade Rows x 10 reps
3. High Knees x 10 reps; each side
4. Dumbbell Curl to Press x 10 reps
5. Seated Russian Twist x 10 reps; each side

Do all these moves back-to-back until the end, take a 30-second break, then get back to it. See how many rounds you can last of this fat-burning and core-sculpting routine.

Think we should do a re-match? What other workout challenges do you want to so? Make sure to let us know what the next head-to-head challenge we should do is in the comments below.

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