10 Minute Fat-Burning OFFICE Workout For Men Over 40

10 Minute Fat-Burning OFFICE Workout For Men Over 40



Burn Fat At The Office Today:

Hey Guys, Clark here today with the lovely Brooke Stacey to go over ways of being able to boost your energy levels during the workday WITHOUT relying on a caffeine boost from coffee and sugary energy drinks.

The body has so much energy in it as it stands, but you tell yourselves that you’re tired. We’re going to show you guys how to get that blood flowing to make sure you can still get in a testosterone-boosting session in, even at the office.

2:03 – Box Squats: What you’ll first need is something that you can sit down on while descending into a squat – a good rule of thumb is to have the object be low enough so when you sit down your quads are as close to parallel to the ground as possible. Keep your chest up and simply sit down. Keep a quick pace with higher rep range to get the blood flowing and a good burn, say 15-30 range.

Stay away from the unnecessary energy or caffeinated drinks since those are endocrine disruptors, meaning that they will do no good for your hormone health and boost testosterone levels.

Support Healthy Testosterone Levels At Work:

4:01 – Incline Push-Ups On Your Desk: Be careful and make sure the desk is safe and sturdy enough before trying this movement. Keep the body in a straight, planked position throughout the movement to make sure you’re engaging the correct muscles. Place your arms at about a shoulder’s width apart and begin the push-up. This compound movement will engage the triceps, shoulders, forearms, chest and core. Again, it’s all about going for a high rep range and a high frequency while doing the workouts.

5:45 – Triangle Push-Ups: This push-up variation will focus on engaging the triceps. Get into a push-up position on the ground – body straight and in a planked position. Make a triangle with your thumbs and index fingers and place your hands at chest height. This is a more advanced movement and if you want to ensure you can still get into a high rep range and keep a higher frequency, you can drop and do the push-ups off your knees.

6:10 – Tricep Dips Off A Chair: Would first recommend to NOT use a spinning chair. Make sure the chair is secure and sturdy enough to stay in place while doing the movement. Position the chair behind you and firmly grab the edge, arms right by your side. Make sure your arms are not completely locked at the elbow with your legs bent at the knee and planted firmly on the ground.

By doing this quick 10-minute circuit right in your office, you will be increasing oxygen and blood flow through your body and getting that energy pick-me-up you typically look for from those testosterone-disrupting, caffeinated and sugary coffee and energy drinks.
So, when you start moving instead of putting stuff into the body to chemically induce an energy boost, the oxygen flowing through the body will actually bring the energy, the healing, and benefits you’re truly seeking.

Now working out is important, but eating right is even MORE important. Think about this way:

Most guys eat about 28 times a week and only can typically workout about 3 times a week. So out of both of those – 28 times or 3 times – which do you think would make a bigger difference? The 28 obviously.

Now, for men over 40, you can not just diet or starve yourself to lose weight, thinking that’s proper eating. the key is to eat the RIGHT foods that help boost your testosterone and lose belly fat. I’ve come up with an entire system that not only gives you delicious, nutritious recipes you can make right at home, but the information and content necessary to support your master male hormone health: TestMax Nutrition.

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God Bless,
-Clark Bartram

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