TestMax Shrimp Ceviche | How To Make Sure You REALLY Transform In 2017

TestMax Shrimp Ceviche | How To Make Sure You REALLY Transform In 2017



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Hey, guys! Clark here on the final day of the “TestMax Takeover” with the ever-so-lovely Brooke Stacey.

Yesterday we showed you how to make 3 delicious test-boosting smoothies. If you haven’t already seen it, make sure to head to

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I have been in the fitness industry for the last 30 years and today I wanted to share with you the key tips and coaching that plays a huge role in changing the body and reaching your health goals as a man. I’m going to break it down step-by-step so you can start taking action immediately.

Before we dive into the steps to making sure you transform in 2017, I wanted to touch on a common thing that both Brooke and myself run into with middle-aged men. There have been so many confused guys out there that read a bodybuilding magazine or post and think “if I just follow the same thing that this guy has been doing, I’ll look like him too.” Let me tell you guys – it does NOT work like that. You want to personalize the plan to maximize YOUR testosterone potential. It’s all about focusing on changing bad habits and getting back on track to promote your male hormone health.

So start off by making gradual changes to your habits. Make one adjustment per week. 1 healthy meal per day. Walk for 10 minutes a day to start out. Jumping in full speed ultimately sets you up for failure.

Discover your “why ” or reason for committing to the program guys. The “why” needs to be significant and more than just a pants size change. The motivation behind the change is CRUCIAL to making any transformation successful. You can do things like buying new workout clothes to commit to starting working out or bringing home healthy foods from the grocery store for prepping meals in advance. It’s all about making choices that will MAKE you want to get on the right track.

Make a commitment to something that will support you getting into shape. For example – if I give you $1,000, hold onto it and if I don’t lose the weight or get in shape the money is yours. That symbolizes a form of investment from you into yourself to change for the better. Along the way, make sure to reward yourself for accomplishing goals as well. You are worthy of being rewarded and it is OK to start treating yourself if it leads you down the right path to living in a healthier body.

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A great way to change is to start using the money you would spend on vices on supportive rewards instead. My sister quit smoking and benefited from putting aside the money she would have typically spent on cigarettes and rewarded herself with that money for being smoke-free.

Your health is a core component of your entire life, intertwining into your relationships, family, work, etc. so you really are able to experience joy in every aspect. Work hard to be an example to those who look up to you like your children and loved ones, so be mindful and practice what you preach.

If you’re struggling with feeling like the man you should be – not being able to perform at work, in the bedroom, or have the energy to play with your kids – then listen up: If you’ve lost pride in who you are, this program was CREATED with you in mind.

We find that it’s important to have a supportive community, so when you join us here at TestMax Nutrition remember we are here not only to support YOU but your hormone health as well.
I and my team have been hard at work to bring you guys a program that is backed by research and studies that provide you the necessary information to start living a healthier life to get your body to where you want and need it to be.

That concludes the week-long “TestMax Takeover” here and I just want to say thank you to all you guys on behalf of both Brooke and myself. We are excited on providing you the blueprint that you will be needing in order to make a change for the better in your life.

It’s ALMOST time everyone… Tomorrow – Monday, January 2nd you will be able to experience the official TestMax Nutrition System launch! Make sure you have notifications turned on and are subscribed to catch your first glimpse of the comprehensive, innovative, and research-backed TestMax Nutrition System.

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