How To Build A V-Taper Fast

How To Build A V-Taper Fast



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What’s up ya’ll it’ Jonny with Six Pack Shortcuts firstly let me THANK YOU for welcoming me to the Six Pack Shortcuts channel to share with you my fitness experiences and tips I picked up along the way through my experiences with athletics as well as competing – So first, let’s talk about the V-TAPER. The desirable look that both girls and guys love. The V-taper essentially is a broad shoulder span and wide back plus a small waist.

So I want to explain to you guys the best two exercises that YOU can do to build this look yourself.

Video breakdown:

1:10 – Let’s start with the pull-up. All grips are great but the common thing I notice among those who do pull-ups is that they have terrible form, they may be using momentum, not getting full contractions – pretty much just wasting their time cheating themselves out of achieving the v-taper look themselves.

1:43 – So what I’m going to do for you today is I am going to show you how to perform the perfect pull-up with ideal form. This way you can give it a try the right way next time you’re at the gym

2:02 – Now let’s examine the variety of grips. You can overhand, underhand, shoulder width, wide width, ultra narrow. There’s even partial reps, kipping, etc. There are many variations but if your GOAL is to build the v-taper back, then you can’t be using your biceps or your momentum to perform this movement. We’ll have to stick to slow and controlled full range reps.

2:50 – There will be bicep activation however all of the strength and the tension should be pulling with your lats. So my recommendation is for you to perform pull-ups WIDE. To directly target the lats!

3:24 – Aside from my wide grip tip, my second tip is that you MUST perform the movements with complete, full range of motion here. No partials here – Not for the V-taper. Concentrating on contracting each portion of your back musculature.

4:39 – The next thing I want to mention is that if you can not even complete one pull-up, it’s OK. Come in and just try. Try with the correct form, activating your lats to best you can. Before you know it, you’ll be strong enough to complete a couple reps and then, full sets.

5:37 – The next best exercise is going to be your cable lat pull-downs. Now there are A LOT of great back exercises that can develop your lat but in my experiences, these are the absolute best two.

6:18 – Now the best tip I ever got when it came to performing the pull-up is to pretend that your hands are hooks and you are cupping them over the bar, and using your lats to pull your body upwards, not your wrist or grip.

6:48 – You want to get your chest as close as you can to the bar while squeezing your lats. Coordinating your breathing with the reps will help even more.

7:15 – I promise, once you start applying pull-ups to your back routine your lats are going to start popping and your waistline will begin appearing smaller.

7:35 – Now that I have shown you guys how to do the proper pull-up, I want you guys to practice it for the next week and then by my next episode, I will have my workout video of me doing my full-on V-taper workout ready to share – it’ll be no joke!

Hope ya’ll learned a little bit today! Stay tuned for the next video where we hit the actual workout.

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Thanks again for tuning in this week. It is truly an honor to be able to represent some of the greatest mentors in the fitness industry here at Six Pack Shortcuts and I am glad to know that ya’ll are right here with me. Changing your body is not easy, but I promise you – it’s going to be worth it… Trust me!

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