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Nikki Visaj School Dance/Fitness Programs



Students need something different, something for all personalities, age ranges and maturity levels. Something that is inspiring and FUN!

Nikki Visaj has the answer. Determined to bring her knowledge and expertise to the youth of today, Nikki Visaj programs are designed specifically for schools and promote happy, healthy teenagers building their self-esteem and confidence! Nikki Visaj understands that the youth of today are our future leaders.

Nikki offers a range of fitness programs to suit all types of schools and year levels. All of the programs are specifically designed, focusing on our young people to encourage a genuine interaction, foster mutual respect and strong self-confidence and offer an alternative to traditional sport, in a non-competitive and FUN environment.

The programs have already been tested and tried in many schools and the results are undeniable. This unique approach to fitness aims a changing young people’s lives as they naturally unleash and free themselves through the power of MUSIC and exhilarating non-competitive fitness. Each program provides a unique, diverse and incorporates fun ways to exercise, promoting healthy living.

Each program has been developed to the highest quality and easily integrates into existing school curriculums. They are tailored to meet the desired outcomes of each school institution.

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