6 Minute Killer Fat-Burning High Intensity Workout

6 Minute Killer Fat-Burning High Intensity Workout



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Hey, guys. It’s Jonny here today with Six Pack Shortcuts. Today, we’re going to go through 5 killer high-intensity exercises for burning belly fat that I put together from using the Audible app.

I went through 2 great audiobooks on Audible and came up with this awesome high-intensity workout to change things up, get out of my comfort zone, and give you guys a killer fat-burning workout circuit. Let’s get started:

2:11 – Deadlifts for 8-12 reps: This is one of the BEST total-body workouts you can do. It’s a compound movement, meaning that it uses multiple muscle groups to complete. Studies have been shown that doing compound muscle movements can help boost testosterone as well. This movement will engage your calves, hamstrings, glutes, lumbar, spinal erectors, all the way up to your lats.

2:41 – Mountain Climbers for 20 reps: This is a great way to really help to burn the belly fat and build up a strong, lean core. You’ll even be using the upper body to hold the position, so that way you’re engaging the entire body.

3:06 – Burpees for 10 reps: This may be one of the hardest, but also one of the most beneficial workouts for helping to burn the belly fat. Burpees are excellent for not only burning off the fat but building up your power in the lower body too.

3:40 – Sumo Squats for 12-15 reps: You’ll be doing this kind of like regular bodyweight squats, except with a wide stance (like a sumo wrestler) to engage the hamstrings, glutes, and build the lower body while burning off the belly fat.

3:58 – Kettlebell Swings for 10 reps: Shoutout to the CrossFit community out there for these. This will help to really elevate your heart rate to really push to burn more calories and get rid of the belly fat. The lower body will help to get the kettlebell up and the upper body to control and resist the negative on the way down, making this a great full-body movement.

Make sure to push outside your comfort zone when it comes to your workouts and training. This is so important when it comes to progression and making sure you are actually really feeling and benefiting from your workouts.That way, you’re burning off the body fat, building the muscle, getting stronger, and receiving the results from the hard work you put in.

Thanks to Audible, I was able to get access to these awesome audiobooks and put this workout together and change it up today; making sure to get out of my comfort zone just like you all should be doing. Don’t forget – head to to get a free audiobook on me with your 30-day free trial.

See Y’all Next Time,
-Jonny Catazano
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