The Simple Science Of Losing Body Fat With BCAA’s — With Thomas DeLauer

The Simple Science Of Losing Body Fat With BCAA’s — With Thomas DeLauer



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Today, we are talking about how BCAA’s are the number one most critical thing that you need to be supplementing in order to maximize your body’s fat loss and muscle making potential.

0:40 – Essentially, our bodies are made of BCAA’s, they are the building blocks of our muscles, skin and organ tissues.

1:11 – Isoleucine, leucine and valine are the big 3 that you need to know about: these are the most important to curbing your appetite and maintaining lean muscle mass.

1:50 – These 3 BCAA’s are also giving you energy, which can combat the diet burn-out effect that can occur from being in a calorie deficit.

2:57 – Leucine of the 3 is the most crucial… It can actually suppress hunger signals which can tell your brain to literally stop eating. This greatly assists with your ability to successfully lose weight.

3:48 – Now you should be sipping these all day, but especially at the gym… And that’s because BCAA’s can combat the “relaxation” signals from the chemical processes that kick in nearing the end of your busy day.

5:47 – And another point here I want to make is that if you are supplementing with BCAA’s you can actually get away with skipping meals (for those on a tight schedule, I know how tough it is to eat every 3 hours, it’s not always realistic) and actually STILL be able to put on lean mass.

7:08 – Aminos are a critical factor in my own ability to maintain my lean muscle mass, preserve my hard earned gains and keep my body fat percentage low.

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Thanks again for tuning in this week, guys. When it comes to getting the body you want as quickly and as effectively as possible, there are a lot of sources that will tell you that it takes hours and hours of gym time and a calorie restricting diet to get you there. But if you haven’t seen my before pictures, then let me tell you – beating yourself up with way too much cardio on little to no calories every day is the last thing you should do if you want to get a lean, athletic body like I now have…

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