The Absolute Fastest Way To Burn Body Fat: The 500 Rep Challenge

The Absolute Fastest Way To Burn Body Fat: The 500 Rep Challenge



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Hey guys what’s up Clark here to take you guys through one of my favorite full body fat loss workouts but first, I wanted to give a shout out to my friends at for hooking me up with my latest audiobook, “Gorilla Mindset” by Mike Cernovich…

On my way to the gym and during my warm-up, I typically like listening to motivating or inspiring material to help me stay focused on my goals inside and even outside of the gym… It’s my “self-improvement” time, and this particular book really hit home for me…
It’s a book for guys who are serious about getting more out of life – and the author actually applies every concept to working out, which was super helpful for me – especially since I am a trainer and coach myself…

There are chapters on routine, self-talk, frame, focus, state/mood, mindfulness, and body language. Each chapter contains techniques, mindset shifts, and habits that can be applied to your life.

Yet each chapter forms part of an entire system to apply to your life – each chapter feeds off of and adds to one another.

For example, improving your self-talk will improve your state or mood. How you frame challenges in your life is also a matter of the language – or self-talk – you use.

Getting in the moment improves your self-talk just as your self-talk helps you get into the moment.

The book gives you specific step on how you can improve your money making skills, your physique and even your game with the ladies…

If you want more from life, and are willing to do the work, but maybe just need more in depth advice on the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals, than I definitely suggest you give this book a listen.

But now, it’s time to achieve gains – workout time, let’s get it!

Workout Breakdown:

Today’s workout consists of 10 different movements that are combined into a 100 rep calorie meltdown…

1:29 – 100 jump ropes

2:34 – 90 mountain climbers

3:47 – 80 alternating high knees

6:10 – 70 flutter kicks

6:45 – 60 jumping jacks

8:08 – 50 bicycle crunches

9:03 – 40 alternating lunges

11:12 – 30 bodyweight squats

14:45 – 20 dips

16:14 – 10 burpees

17:09 – Now I want you guys to set a timer to see how long this takes you. Try completing this 2 or 3x a week and each week, shoot to beat your previous time… This is a tough workout but if you focus, and practice positive self talk, you’ll get through it – and, it’ll become a little easier each time you do it!

17:56 – Don’t forget to check out to redeem your FREE 30 day trial – They’ve got over 180,000 downloadable books for you guys to choose from… Just go to and download any title free, and start listening!

How normal guys can get rid of belly fat fast:

Thanks for tuning in this week guys – If you haven’t seen what I used to look like then you probably don’t know that I struggled with belly fat for a very long time… Actually, the majority of my teen years were spent avoiding pool parties, water parks and even beach trips because I was so self conscious of the way my belly looked without a shirt on. But that all changed once I made a very simple modification to my workouts.

To learn one simple thing you can do to burn off fat and get ripped abs, check this out:

Thanks again, guys – see you next week!


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