Street Fitness Workout – FLEX FRIDAYS

Street Fitness Workout – FLEX FRIDAYS



Want to build ripped muscles FAST?

What’s up y’all,

It’s Mike, and it’s time for Flex Friday. We’re going do one of my most extreme street workouts and then go straight to progress pics. If you’re ready to build some serious muscles follow along with us and prepare to train hard.

Workout breakdown

**Round 1
0:59 Parking lot lunges
1:45 Burpees — 10 reps

**Round 2
2:09 Parking lot Crab walks
3:29 Burpees — 10 reps

**Round 3
3:46 Frog Jumps
4:21 Burpees — 10 reps
4:49 1 lap

Hope this helps you stay motivated.

And if your serious about building muscles FAST, watch this video.

I remember how girls would always make fun of how skinny I was. To make sure no one would see my body, I would wear baggy clothes every wear I would go. I tried working out everyday but I just stayed thin. It’s wasn’t until one day that I discovered a new style of training called “Monster Sets” that added a ton of muscle to my body. And now I finally have my confidence back and have the ripped body that I’m truly proud of.

Can “Monster Sets” be the answer to helping you build the muscle you’ve always wanted?

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