Military Fitness Challenge For Seniors — With US Marines & Mark Mcilyar

Military Fitness Challenge For Seniors — With US Marines & Mark Mcilyar



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Hey guys,

It’s Mark here again for day 2 of my 3 part video series for Veteran’s Day.

Today, we’re going to do not one… but TWO killer group Veteran’s week workouts:

Workout 1 Breakdown

THE LOG WORKOUT: If you do not have access to alog, you can easily complete this workout with a traditional barbell.

1. Overhead press: 20 shoulder to shoulder reps
2. Log curls: 20 total curls
3. Log crunches: 20 total crunches.
4. Log chest presses: 20 total presses

First, we’ll start with a log we have. Normally we use a big telephone pole, but we couldn’t get one of those today so we’re just going to use this long block – Starting out, we’ll be doing overhead presses, then curls, weighted crunches, and basically a team bench press with the log at 20 reps each – let’s get started!

1:35 – Shoulder presses: 20 total reps — To complete this exercise, you’ll begin with the log on your right shoulder and then press it upwards and slowly control the log back down to your left shoulder. That equals one rep. We will be completing 20 total reps.

2:40 – Log curls: 20 total reps. Bracing the log with our wrists and forearms, we will be keeping the tension focused on our biceps when engaging in the curl motion. It might look a little awkward, but trust me, this is a killer group movement.

3:26 – Log crunches: 20 total crunches. Lying with our backs on the ground, we will brace the log weight against our upper chest and curl our torsos upward in a traditional crunching motion.

4:16 – Log chest presses: 20 total presses. Still lying in the same position, we will place our palms flat under the log and press the load away from our body and towards the sky.

Next up we’re going to do some work with ammo cans. Again we’ll be doing some overhead presses for 90 count. Try to do it under a minute!

Workout 2 Breakdown:


Using a 30lb ammo can, we are going to complete 90 presses (minimum) in under 2:00 minutes time. To complete this workout with equipment that you’ll more than likely have access to, try using a kettle bell instead.

6:00 – Austin’s Ammo Can Challenge Attempt: Start the clock and PRESS! If you are using a 30lb kettlebell to adapt this workout challenge, simply grip the kettlebell with your palms clinching the lower side portions of the bell. Austin completed the workout in just 70 seconds!

7:15 – Mark’s Ammo Can Challenege Attempt: On your mark… Get set… PRESS! You’ll notice that Mark extends his eblows cimpletely, giving him the complete range of motion in the pressing motion… This is key to getting maximum shoulder development. In just 76 seconds, Mark came in with a second place finish.

8:58 – Phil’s Ammo Can Challenege Attempt: Shoulders ready? …And PRESS! Phil is using a technique where his up motion is faster than the lowering motion. Having a slower decent is a surefire way to get a serious shoulder pump but be careful – if you are slowing the decent of the press, your shoulders might tire out pretty quick! And at the 79 second mark, Phil placed 3rd.

10:30 – One major take away point when it comes to performing warrior workouts such as this is that you’ll find that starting off strong is a piece of cake… However since musclular endurance is required, you will notice that these workouts can quickly tire you out fast.

10:40 – So when you are doing workouts for time such as this, the key you need to keep in mind is PACE YOURSELF. Even if you are racing for time, if you forget to breathe during your reps or you’re moving too quickly through them, you’ll not only exhaust yourself early but you’ll also put yourself in a position to potentially get injured.

11:10 – Now the real message is this… Working out or achieving a fitness goal is all in your mindset. You need to have the mentality to overcome the challenges that you may face when it comes to reaching your dream body. You DO have what it takes – so don’t forget to remind yourself of that each and every day.

Keep up the hard work, and you WILL see progress and results.

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Thanks for your support, and to all the veterans out there – we appreciate what you do.

Mark, Phil, Austin

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Military Workout For Seniors — With US Marines & Mark Mcilyar