Mike Chang’s Actual Chest And Bicep Workout

Mike Chang’s Actual Chest And Bicep Workout



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What’s up guys,

It’s Mike and today im taking you through my actual chest and bicep workout. In this video I’ll demonstrate the intensity and the exercises you’ll need to build the ripped chest and biceps that you’ve always wanted.

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Now let’s get to training:

Video Breakdown:

2:08 Warm up with pushups

2:19 Barbell bench press: warm up with light weight.

2:54 Barbell bench press

3:57 Inclined barbell press: Warm up with light weight

4:14 Inclined barbell bench press:

5:34 Dumbbell bench press

6:22 Pull overs

8:21 Pull overs super set with pushups

8:38 Cable cross overs

10:02 Barbell EZ-curl

12:04 Dumbbell hammer curls

13:16 Concentration curls

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Train Hard,


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