Machines Vs. Free Weights – Which Builds More Muscle?

Machines Vs. Free Weights – Which Builds More Muscle?



How to build a ripped and muscular body FAST:

Hey man, it’s Mike Chang and today I’m going to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of free weights and machines. I want to discuss how they affect how you build muscle, so you can use this advice to get the ripped and muscular body that you desire.

Video Breakdown:

*Advantages of Machines

0:20 One thing that is great about machines is that they allow you to isolate certain muscles, so you don’t have to work out your entire back or your entire chest. It allows you to use angles that are close to impossible to get using free weights.

1:04 Now a lot of us have muscle imbalances, and machines can help you balance those muscles through isolation.

1:32 Machines are better to use when you have injury, because of the isolation. So you don’t have to lose a ton of muscle when you are hurt.

*Disadvantages of Machines

2:25 You are not able to lose a ton of fat from using machines for the simple reason that your stabilizing muscles aren’t activated. So even though machines could be great for building muscle, they are not so great for losing fat.

3:01 Another disadvantage to using machines is not being able to develop your core strength. Core strength is important because it will actually help you lift more and help you avoid injury.

*Advantages of Free Weights

3:49 So you are able to work multiple muscles with one lift. Like with the squat and the dead lift.

4:04 The truth is that most guys want a balanced and full body that will look and be strong. Free weights will get you there.

**And the bottom line is that free weights burn way more fat and calories.

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