In Loving Memory Of Clark Shao

In Loving Memory Of Clark Shao



Due to the circumstances of this tragic loss, Clark’s family is hoping to raise funds that will cover some of the expenses related to his passing. On behalf of the Shao family, they will appreciate any contributions given and will be eternally grateful. If you would like to contribute in any way, please go to link provided:

If you are having trouble accessing the link above, you can also go to the official Sixpack Shortcuts Facebook page as well as Instagram page to contribute to Clark’s fund:
1. Facebook:
2. Instagram: @officialsixpackshortcuts

In loving memory of Clark Shao, we would like to share with you some of our favorite moments that showcase his true spirit.

Clark Shao has impacted, inspired and transformed the lives of an incredibly vast number of people worldwide. This is a person who has dedicated his life to not only teaching others how to love and take care of their bodies but to also live a life of adventure – one that has no limitations.

What you’ve taught others about what it means to live a life of passion, of health and of purpose is a gift you’ve given to the world – and it’s a gift that will never be forgotten.

So we want to share this video with the world to embrace the man that taught us so much about how to truly experience life. We want to respectfully thank you for being a mentor, motivator, and brother to the Sixpack Shortcuts family as well as a dear friend to the rest of the world. Your legacy of helping and guiding others to overcome personal barriers and achieve unimaginable goals will live on with us all.

We love you and will continue to carry out your message.

Rest in paradise, Clark Shao.

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