How To Start Working Out

How To Start Working Out



Normal guys: this video shows how you can get abs FAST:

Whats up guys, in this video I’m gonna talk about the best way to start working out. I was chatting with good friend of mine, Brett Shoemaker and we got in the subject of working out. He asked me a whole bunch of working out and diet questions because he was trying to figure out the best routine and diet he should follow. As we were talking, I found out that even though he didn’t know what he was doing on the workouts and diet, he still made it mandatory for himself to do at least 10 push ups every single night before bed. That might not be enough for him to get in shape, but its actually a great way to get started in the building the habit of being consistent with exercising.

The problem with a lot of guys is they want the perfect workout and eating plan before starting anything because they think their efforts are wasted if its not “perfect.” The problem with that is most guys will never start bc something else always come up and they will continue to just procrastinate on getting started with their workouts.


The best way to stop the procrastination and still make sure you can have a routine that fits your goals is to start immediately on your workouts by doing the most basic exercises:
– push ups
– squats
– mountain climbers
– crunches

Even though you won’t reach your goals with those exercises alone, but you will have some great results just by doing those basics plus you will establish a consistent workout habit and build great momentum too! Once you have your “perfect” routine planned out, all you have to do is simply switch over.

That’s it for today’s episode! And if you’d like to start working out with the same plan that I personally used to get a ripped body and six pack abs, watch this video now:

Train Hard,


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