How To Maximize Muscle Gain On The Bench Press

How To Maximize Muscle Gain On The Bench Press



How to build a ripped and muscular chest FAST:

Hey man, it’s Mike Chang and today I’m going to tell you the answer to the age old question, which is, “Should I do high or low reps when I bench press?” I am going to give you the right information so you can get to your fitness goals faster than ever.

Video Breakdown:

0:34 So I am responding to somebody from YouTube.

0:55 If you are doing a lot of sets, I recommend that you do low reps… about six reps to put a number on it.

1:12 You don’t want to do too many reps with bench press, because it is a natural mass building exercise and you don’t want to burn yourself out on it.

2:16 The most important thing is that you are doing enough repetitions to build your muscle fibers apart, because that is how you build muscle.

2:55 It is okay to do a little more repetitions on other exercises like dumbbell presses and incline flys, anywhere from around 10-12 reps.

3:12 To answer your questions buddy… when you combine low repetition lifts and moderate repetition lifts, you get the best of both worlds, because you build muscle and endurance all in one workout.

It took a long time to get the body I have today, but it doesn’t have a to take a long time for you. I struggled with a lot of fat on my body and I could never get a six pack. It was honestly depressing. It wasn’t until I started to workout out the “right” way that I got my six pack and muscular body. The awesome thing is that it is extremely simple and now you can get a six pack faster than ever.

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