How To Get Ripped Like Rocky

How To Get Ripped Like Rocky



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Hey, guys, what’s up? Clark here today to hit you with my Sylvester Stallone inspired ab routine today.

I just finished listening to his book, “Sly Moves” on my audible app and I was seriously impressed…I mean, I’ve always been impressed by him – Let’s be honest, what guy DIDN’T dream of having an action hero body like his when they were growing up?! Rocky, Rambo, even in the Expendables… you name it, his physique is always on point – he’s one of the most ripped Hollywood stars of all time… and still actually IS!

So what really interested me is how, over the course of all of these years, has he been able to not just build an impressive body, but also maintain it… And his book explains it all. “Sly Moves” not only explains his personal nutrition and training advice, which actually aligns almost exactly with my personal principles, but he also goes into detail on the personal struggles he faced in maintaining his physique over the course of his years playing such crazy ripped action star roles.

I don’t want to spoil it but the book is packed with his personal tips that will help people change harmful fitness habits, learn to counter reckless eating, and appreciate who they are even when they don’t feel much like action heroes. So I definitely recommend this book to you guys who need a little motivation pump up, we all do! Get the book on a FREE 30 day trial at Speaking of pump – let’s get into this workout.

Workout Breakdown:
50 high knees
20 push-ups
10 dragon flags

1:46 – 50 high knees. These are great for getting your heart rate up and also for loosening up your hip flexors.

2:10 – 20 push-ups. Standard push-ups are one of the best chest builders and a staple for Rocky.

3:10 – 10 dragon flags. Rocky made this ab move famous during his boxing conditioning montages. If you can’t get this move down yet, replace dragon flags with reverse crunches.

3:44 – Now, to complete this workout in full, do this exact circuit 3 times total, taking as minimal rest as possible. For advanced guys who are already in decent shape, challenge yourself by completing this circuit 5x total.

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That’s all for today’s workout guys. Don’t forget to check out to redeem your first audiobook download FREE with your 30 day trial – They’ve got over 180,000 downloadable books for you guys to choose from… Just go to and download any title free, and start listening! Also, feel free to comment below and tell me what books you guys like the best on Audible and I might just take your advice for what my next listen will be…

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