How to buy Lean Protein at the Grocery Store

How to buy Lean Protein at the Grocery Store



Get abs eating tasty food.

What’s up,

It’s Mike Chang and today I want to take you shopping with me. My main focus is going to be to get a lot of lean proteins, because I am trying to stay as lean as possible. Knowing this information will bring you one step closer to having the six pack abs you’ve always wanted.

Video breakdown:

1:00 Some meats are actually tricky, because they look lean but they are really full of fat.

2:45 You need to look at the nutrition label to find out how lean something is… don’t depend on the advertising on the product.

3:15 We love breasts. Packaged breasts are okay, but they are not the best option to go with. The fresher the meat, the better.

4:15 You don’t want to use things like beef that is meant to be made on a BBQ, because a lot of the fat will stay on your body.

4:40 Another thing to look at is the ratio of fat to the amount of protein in your food. You need to make sure the protein is way higher then the fat… and the lower the fat, the better.

5:30 Frozen foods are not too bad but they should only be backups. They really shouldn’t be your first source of protein or first choice of a lean meat.

6:30 And you have to watch out for SODIUM. Things like fajita meat will cause bloating and even though they’re lean, they have a high amount of sodium.

8:19 Always look at the back of the label, so you can see the actual stats and the serving size. Companies mislead people a lot with the nutritional label.

10:00 Eggs are also a great source of protein and they are extremely lean. There are different types, but there isn’t a huge difference between them.

I hope this information helps you out!

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