How To Burn Fat With Coffee — With Thomas DeLauer

How To Burn Fat With Coffee — With Thomas DeLauer



How busy guys can get ripped fast:

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Hey guys what’s up – today I am going to walk you through how you can turn your morning cup of joe an actual fat burner.

1:04 – So coffee is a stimulant – it gets the brain and nervous system alter and active. But, it’s also an amazing fat burner… through thermogenesis

1:39 – Coffee also mobilizes fat in the body. Which means it will assist you in burning stored body fat as your primary energy source during the day.

2:40 – Now you don’t have to drink coffee all day long to reap the fat burning effects.

3:00 – But adding coconut oil to your coffee can actually boost it’s fat burning effect by drawing fat out of tissue and into the blood stream to be utilized fast.

4:00 – Also, you can add grass fed butter. Omega 3’s will provide you with a quick boost of energy and assist your brain in functioning at peak levels. And not only this, but it adds an anti-inflammatory effect as well.

5:16 – This coffee concoction will help you fight the sluggishness that most busy people tend to feel when they are dieting or restricting their calories or starting a new workout program.

Drop excess body fat in less time that you ever thought possible:

Thanks again for tuning in this week, everyone – I’ve really made it a mission to teach others what I learned over my years of battling excess body fat so that way others could experience the real vitality of having a lean, functional body.

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