How to Build the Body and Lifestyle You Deserve — NO EXCUSES

How to Build the Body and Lifestyle You Deserve — NO EXCUSES



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Hey! What’s up guys,

It’s Mike and today we’re going to be talking about taking control over your life. It’s hard to believe that we launched Sixpack Shortcuts 5 years ago! Since then we’ve have thousands of transformations from men and women around the world who’ve used our diet and exercise plans to change their lives and finally meet their goals.

0:25 But when it comes to taking control of your life, getting in shape is only PART of it. Some other big parts of your life has to do with your income and your lifestyle — you have to take control of all of it to succeed!
– A big way to do this is to be in business for yourself, but there is a lot to keep track of when you decide to do that… believe me, I know!

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**Ignore the nay-sayers! If you focus on the stuff we talk about on this channel, use the right tools to create the life you want and really try hard… you will be successful! Simple as that.

Now let’s get into our workout!

Workout Breakdown:
2:39 Check it out… I just grabbed some random household stuff that we’re going to be working out with today.

#1) Push Ups till failure
#2) Water jug “kettle bell” swings / push ups till failure
#3) Side Laterals with spackle buckets / push ups till failure
#4) Front Raises with a spare tire / push ups till failure
#5) Upright rows with a weighed backpack / push ups till failure

Alright guys this is going to be a tough one, do everything until failure… 8 sets total. Let’s do it!

Video Breakdown:
4:11 Push Ups till failure
– I’m not even counting just go till failure!

5:36 Water Jug “kettle bell” swings
– You din’t have to use a water jug, I just wanted to show you that you can really use anything. So you can even use the backpack for this one too.
7:57 Push Ups

9:20 Side Laterals with spackle buckets
– Watch out, buckets like this swing… so keep it controlled.
10:38 Push Ups

11:15 Front Raises
– This tire was way lighter earlier when I brought it in here! I’m going to show this tire what’s up after it bounced up and busted my lip!
12:50 Push Ups

13:29 Upright Rows with a weight Backpack

There you go guys… that’s our 8 set till failure for the day! This was a tough one, it’s not easy to go to failure with a workout like this one.

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I didn’t always have the toned body and successful business that I have today. I had to focus on my goals and do things everyday to get where I’ve gotten today. And believe me, I’m not done yet! So get started TODAY on what you want for your life and don’t stop until you’ve gotten there.

These are some of the things I did every single day to succeed, check it out for yourself and have the body of your dreams faster than you ever thought possible:

Train Hard,


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