Functional Cardio Core Workout

Functional Cardio Core Workout



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Hey guys, in today’s video we’re going work on our cardio and core. This workout is not only going to get you ripped, but it’s also going help you become more athletic and functional. What does this all mean? It means you have a lot less injurys and at the same time give you a perfectly balanced and shaped physique you’ve always wanted.

Workout breakdown:

0:30 This workout will consist of 4 round these exercises below with zero rest. Each exercise will be done for 30 seconds before going to the next.

1:11 -Squat thrust

1:54 -Plank

2:09 -High kicks

2:29 -Mountain Climbers


If you need a bit of rest, just slow down your reps so that you can keep your heart rate up. This will keep you in the fat burning zone and help you get shredded and get ripped six pack abs.

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It’s been proven to get you a ripped body and six pack abs faster than any other program out there. I know it works because I was the first test subject. I had a flabby body with a ton of fat, but I was finally able to get the six pack abs I always wanted.

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Train Hard,


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