Don’t Do Another Squat Until You See This Video | How To Do Squats

Don’t Do Another Squat Until You See This Video | How To Do Squats



Train WIth Jonny For Six Pack Abs:

What’s up, guys? Jonny here with the Six Pack Shortcuts fam. I’m here to talk about one of the most common exercises that guys are doing at the gym WRONG the can actually go a long way in losing belly fat, strengthening your core, and getting you closer to your six pack abs: Squats.

0:38 – Stretching & Active Warm-Ups: Start off with doing leg swings to stretch out your hip flexors. Start with first going side-to-side with each leg, then back-and-forth. This is super important to make sure your leg muscles aren’t tight or stiff so you will have the necessary mobility to get down in the squat and shoot back up much more easily.

2:01 – Hand & Bar Placement – Place your hands at about a shoulder’s width apart. On the barbell, there are little rings spread out, and you can use those as a starting point to find a comfortable hand placement. Now with the bar, there are two variations on how to place it on your back:

-High-Bar: This is when the bar sits on top of your traps closer to your neck. Do NOT place the bar solely on your neck or else you’ll put yourself at serious risk of injury. This variation puts much more emphasis on using your quads. This is a standard way to learn to squat for beginners.

-Low-Bar: This position is more towards the bottom of your traps and rear delts. There is a pocket created there where the bar can sit. This variation places the center of gravity further away from your body, so you’ll be able to use a lot more of your glutes and hamstrings. Try this variation if you see yourself as an advanced lifter.

3:41 – Foot Placement: To generate the best level of power to come up from the squat, you want to place your feet at shoulder’s width apart. Remember to point your feet forward as much as possible. The easiest way to figure out getting into this position comfortably is standing up straight and clenching your butt cheeks together; this causes your feet to point forward in a comfortable position to do a squat.

5:40 – Squat Depth: The rule of thumb for doing a standard back squat is getting your quads to be parallel or slightly below from the ground. The reason why these “half squats” are not going to benefit you is that you will not be activating your posterior chain – meaning that you lose out on proper range of motion, strength, and your brain isn’t being trained to fire your muscles efficiently.

6:49 – Lowering Into The Squat: You don’t just want to drop down without any control and then try to go up from the bottom. This is called “controlling the negative” which means using and stretching, firing, and really working the muscle on both the way down as well as the way up. As you lower down, your butt will want to go out, which is a sign of externally flexing your hips. From there, it’s the same move as you would do sitting down in a low chair that’s parallel to the ground.

Remember to keep a neutral gaze on the horizon in front of you. Since you don’t want to be starring down or up and causing excess strain on your neck or spine. A way to do this is to pick a place on the ground about 10 feet ahead and target that with your eyes – NOT your neck.

When you hit parallel with your quads, remember to keep your weight on your heels and drive straight up. The best and most efficient way to squat is to remember to have the bar travel in a straight path going up and down.

That’s all I got for you on squats, guys. So, make sur eto take these tips with you to the gym next time you are doing squats and maek sure to fix any of the things you may have been doing wrong. Otherwise, you’re only hurting yourself in teh long run and won’t be able to lose the belly fat or build the muscle you want.

What other movements are you unsure of? Do you know the proper form from the wrong form? Let us know in the comments below so we can keep cranking out videos on how to properly and safely train.

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