Can I Train My Arms Every Day And Build Muscle?

Can I Train My Arms Every Day And Build Muscle?



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So today we are going to talk about whether or not you should train arms everyday. I actually tried it out, because I got so many questions about it. I did the work for you, so now you can learn from my experience and get the ripped body and abs you want without troubleshooting.

Video Breakdown:

0:44 My conclusion about training everyday is… even though I could do biceps and triceps everyday, I couldn’t lift heavy and my strength started to decrease.

1:40 The science behind doing it everyday says it is wrong, so I am speaking from my personal experience.

2:13 After two weeks of trying to workout biceps and triceps everyday, I started rotating doing each of those muscles every other day. I lowered the volume as well. I was able to do it for about 2 weeks, but I was extremely sore.

3:19 I still wasn’t able to do mass building exercises… But I was able to get a pump or drive blood into that muscle. I didn’t murder my biceps and triceps though, because I didn’t have a lot of time to let them recover.

4:20 So can you work arms everyday? When it comes to muscle growth… do not go with super heavy weight, because your main goal should just be to get a good pump.

** My recommendation is to hit arms super hard at least one time a week, but use light weights the rest of the week.

6:04 So now I am back to training arms once to twice a week, but I am not seeing a huge change from when I was doing it everyday.

Hope this video serves you well.

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