Abs After 40 Featured On Good Morning Texas TV Show!

Abs After 40 Featured On Good Morning Texas TV Show!



Fastest way for men over 40 to get ripped six pack abs:

Can men over 40 get six pack abs? Yes!

The first hormone rejuvenating workout program for men over 40 is here.

Most men over 40 are prone to sluggishness, weight gain, and low libido.

And it all revolves around low testosterone. As men get older, we lose about 1-2% of our testosterone each year.

By the time we’re in our mid to upper 40s, we only have about 50% of the test that we did at our prime.

That is the main problem — Testosterone controls our energy levels, weight gain, and libido.

That’s why Abs After 40 is specifically designed for men over 40 to naturally boost your own test levels.

And we avoid hard core, high impact exercises like p90x and Insanity. These only cause damage to your joints, back, knees, and we just focus on compound resistant training.

And working these major muscle groups at the same time has been scientifically proven to promote your body’s natural production of testosterone.

More Testosterone = Bigger Muscles

Bigger Muscles = Higher Metabolism

Higher Metabolism = More Calories burned

Abs After 40 is a 3 month program filled with tons of workout videos, nutrition videos, and ebooks that will show you everything from how to workout, what to eat, and how to prevent and heal from injuries.

Bottom line: You need to produce more testosterone to help repair and grow your muscles. We do not put emphasis on the cardio. We put emphasis on the compound movements.

And these are exercises for men of all fitness levels.

The best part, all of these can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Get started with Abs After 40 Now:

Diets Plans & Healthy Food : Healthy Aging with Nutrition

Workout : Power Yoga Workout (strong)