9 Min Chest Cardio Workout — go to

9 Min Chest Cardio Workout — go to



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What’s up,

Welcome back… and I’m going to be honest with you. It’s Monday and I ate horrible over the weekend so I need a workout that burns fat today. It started with a little pizza and turned into a huge cheat meal. But workouts like this can burn enough calories to make up for the bad eating over the weekend – and get you one step closer to the ripped body of your dreams.

Fat Burning Workout Breakdown:

5 Exercises/ 30 Second Rounds/ 15 Second Rest Between Exercises

*Beginner: 4 Rounds
**Advanced: 8 Rounds (no big deal, right?)

1:34 1) Dive Bomber Push Ups
– Start off in a push up position, hands under your shoulders and feet hip width apart.
– Stick your butt up in the air, push into the floor with your hands and come up on your toes.
– Picture “diving” and slowly lower yourself do that you nose grazes the floor and scoop up so that your chest is out, then reverse and bring that whole movement backwards.

2:53 2) Jump Lunge Burpees
– Jump into a lunge position, jump again to switch legs then do a burpee.
– Think “Jump, Jump, Burpeee”

3:07 3) Up And Over Step Lunges
– Find a bench, chair or other hard stable surface.
– Start with one leg up on the surface and alternate legs as you skip over it then back.

3:17 4) Knee To Elbow Planks
– Get into a plank position but resting on your elbows, not on your hands. You can grab a towel or a mat for cushion.
– Holding that plank position, alternate bringing one knee out to your side one at a time to touch your elbow.

3:37 5) Sliding Mountain Climbers
– Use the same towel again, but this time place it under your feet.
– Get into a push up position and slide each leg up, one at a time as if you were doing regular mountain climbers but with this one you’re sliding.

You guys ready? Whenever I feel like stopping, I’m going to think about that pizza!

Video Breakdown:

4:13 – Round 1
7:59 – Round 2
11:45 – Round 3
12:16 – Round 4

Hell yeah man. That workout was intense, but it was fast. Remember, if you cheat, you pay! The best time to run through a routine like this is right after your weight training. Believe me… you’ll burn a ton of fat. If you’re a beginner, just stick to this routine and do it six times a week.

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Train hard,

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