6 Exercises Men Over 40 Need To Start Doing Correctly

6 Exercises Men Over 40 Need To Start Doing Correctly



If You’re A Man Over 40, You Need To See This:
Hi, guys. Mark Mcilyar – #1-Subscribed Senior Trainer here with Abs After 40. Today we’re going to go through a specific back workout I do with my coaching clients to get in shape to help lose weight and get the body they truly deserve. Let’s get started:

0:49 – Cable Pulldowns: Make sure the seat stabilizer isn’t too loose so the machine isn’t pulling you out of the seat. This will work your lats, traps, and rhomboids. Control the weight and the tempo as you go through the movement, focusing hard on contracting the back and not yanking the weight.

1:42 – Bent Over Barbell Rows: Form is critical – if not done correctly you could hurt yourself. Keeping a straight back, pull and drive with your elbows backward with the bar. Like I said, try to hold the weight at the top of the move to help control your form and the muscle contraction.

2:35 – Bent Over Cable Pulldowns: Keep your core engaged and tight throughout the workout. Let your arms go all the way up above your head, then pull downward until the rope touches your thighs. In case there isn’t a rope, just a straight bar attachment instead.

2:35 – Deadlifts: I recommend using a weight belt to support and keep your lower back from arching to keep you from injuring yourself. This is a great compound movement – using multiple big muscle groups simultaneously. Keep the bar as close to your body, going all the way up and all the way back down.

4:12 – Shrugs: You are trying to isolate and focus on building the traps here, so no using your legs or other body parts to complete the move. If you’re struggling with the weight, move down in weight to focus on using the correct form. Do as I did, holding the rep at the top for 1-2 seconds then go back down.

4:49 – One Arm Rows: This is another great compound muscle movement. Don’t yank, but pull the weight up and rearward, driving with your elbows up and slightly backward. The goal is to slowly pull up and lower the weight.

There you have it, guys, a complete back workout in about full of compound and isolation movements. My goal here today is to make sure you understand that form and technique are critical in not only executing the workouts properly but to keep you from injuring yourself while doing so. At the end of the day, it isn’t how many reps you are doing, but the number of good reps that is most important.

What other kinds of workouts are you interested in learned with us? Let us know in the discussion section by going to and dropping us your questions and comments.

We’ll See Y’all Next Time,

-Mark Mcilyar

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