100 Reps Ab Workout

100 Reps Ab Workout



1 weird way to get rock solid abs.

In today’s video, we are going to do a 100 rep six pack ab workout. This workout is going to help you sculpt your abs from every angle, so you can get the six pack abs you’ve always wanted.

Workout breakdown:

0:27 100 reps total

20 reps of straight leg sit ups
20 reps of of straight leg knee elbow crunches
20 reps of reverse crunches
20 reps of toe touches
20 reps of v-ups

Let’s get it done!

And if you really want to get abs fast, check out this video I just posted.

It’s designed to get you a ripped body and six pack abs faster than any other workout program.


I was able to develop this one weird “trick” that gets you ripped fast.

Train hard,


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