? 1 Tip To Attract Women – With Dating Coach Adam Lyons

? 1 Tip To Attract Women – With Dating Coach Adam Lyons



Tip: women love ripped guys, so use this “shortcut” to get ripped fast:

NOTE: This video is NOT fitness related — if you’re not interested in dating tips and you’d rather watch a workout instead, click here:

Hey man…how’ve you been? Dan and I just got back from VidCon, and we had a GREAT time. We met a lot of sixpackshortcutters there…and it was awesome to meet all of you. We also met a lot of other YouTubers who make videos…and we had the opportunity to film a few videos with special guests on the spot!

In this episode, I bring in my friend Adam Lyons to give you his one best tip to attract women. He’s the guy who edited, shot and directed the Healthy Meal Time video, so I’m glad that y’all finally get to meet him!

In addition to making awesome YouTube videos, Adam’s also a dating and relationship coach. The reason why I asked him to be on today is that I like his “different” approach to dating. He teaches men how to meet and attract women in natural and honest ways that make the relationship better for both people.

In this one, he shows you an awesome tip that you can use to meet women at the gym. I have to admit, I wish I knew of this one back when I was single…lol

If you want to see more of Adam’s video’s check out his channel:

And if you want to get the ripped body and six pack abs women love, watch this video now:

I can remember when I was overweight, dating was very hard for me. Of course there were some girls who were nice to me back then (thank you!) but I have to admit, it was tough to get a girl attracted to me.

But once I got in shape, it really made a huge difference. I looked better, I had more energy, and I felt much more confident with my body. I was able to meet and attract women much more easily when I was single…and I was able to be a much better partner when I was in a relationship.

If you want to learn how I personally lost my stubborn belly fat and got in shape, this video shows you how:

I show you how my KEY to getting the abs that women love was a little-known fitness concept called “The Afterburn Effect.” I’ll show you how I personally used the Afterburn Effect to lose fat and get in shape — and how you can start using it as well.

Check out that video now:

Train hard,


P.S. I am VERY curious to know your thoughts on this video. Would you like me to post other videos on non-fitness topics that I think you might find interesting in the future? Or would you rather than I kept this channel focused on fitness only?

Drop me a comment below to let me know what you want…thanks!

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