Workout : 5 Types Of Girls We ALWAYS See At The Gym!

5 Types Of Girls We ALWAYS See At The Gym!



5 Types Of Girls We ALWAYS See At The Gym!


For those of you who grace the gym with your presence, you must have spotted two kinds of people: those who just love to feel the burn and those who are basically there for the greater good of mankind. When it comes to women, there are those who are really good while there are those who have something else going on. Most of these are a great source of entertainment. Of these, there are the 5 Types Of Girls We ALWAYS See At The Gym! Lets begin!

1. The Flirt

You must have spotted this one…she is the friendliest and most enthusiastic in the room…but only has time for the guys. They make it so obvious that the only reason they are paying for their monthly fee is to hook up. And boy do they know which buttons of those guys to press. They’ll start with the ear-to-ear smile and head nod. Next thing you know… it is a ‘hey!’ and before you know what hit you she has a string of men waiting in line just to talk to her.

2. Obsessed with Selfies

Social media… social media… social media. What is it you have done to us? There’s this girl who will hoard the mirrors at the gym. You see, she takes selfies every second and those mirrors are important for her to know that the angle of the snap and the kind of lighting she is receiving. On a normal day, away from the gym, her friend would have helped her with that. You try the same and your selfies will be nothing like hers. Let me share some insight I got from one of these girls. When taking a selfie at the gym, be confident: stand up straight and pose with pride. Make sure you stay away from that natural light as it will expose a lot of your blemishes. Lastly, choose your filters wisely and always remember to take vertical photos…always. They make you look much taller.

3. The Space Invader

These girls literally forget that they are not the only ones with a gym subscription! In the gym, you want your space, especially if there are many free machines on the gym floor. The last thing you expect is someone leaving all those and coming to the bike next to you. If you are not able to avoid the space invader in an empty gym, then you are out of luck if the gym gets busy. At least you can find comfort in the fact that you are blessed with the awareness of personal spaces.

4. The Texter

This one would rather move her thumbs more than her feet on the exercise bikes…just chilling and texting. Imagine your frustration if you are next in line! Some of us take the gym as the one place where it completely relaxes us, but I guess this does not apply for all. Next time you want to bring it to her attention that there are people next in queue, this may ease you out. The lady has a dopamine loop trigger. Dopamine affects one’s thinking, sleeping, mood, attention span and motivation when seeking a reward more commonly known as the ‘pleasure chemical’. One enjoys the response of the text message thus sending a thrill every time a message appears on the home screen.

5. The Complainer

This girl will literally groan and moan throughout her session. Once she’s done with the treadmill, she’ll complain how she’s never worked so hard in her entire life. She’ll take over a bench and moan some more. Next week she’ll be back, doing the same thing. Researchers tell us that hating the gym may be genetic: once someone gets above their threshold, they are done and they stop whatever is causing them discomfort. People prefer doing things that make them feel better. Don’t be too harsh on them.

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