4 Deadly Parasites That Are Found In Fast Food

4 Deadly Parasites That Are Found In Fast Food



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With the recent Ecoli scare from Chipotle, you may be reconsidering some of the “convenient” fast food choices that you eat…

In this video I am going to tell you about 4 of the most deadly parasites that you may have been exposed to from eating fast food.

Video Breakdown:

0:15 – Number 1: There have been dozen of Ecoli outbreak cases reported from those who eat at Chipotle — 43 restaurants, to be exact!

0:55 – Now there are good types of Ecoli and bad types. The good types aid in digestion while the other not so good types can impact your kidneys and your nervous system causing permanent damage.

1:58 – Number 2: Candida Albicans. This is a naturally occurring fungus in the body however it can become a threat to your health if you have an unbalanced diet…

2:47 – Number 3: Sarcocystis parasites. These disturbing organisms are most commonly found in the meat of fast food burgers and are easily transferred onto others most often by lack of proper restroom hygiene.

3:50 – These harmful organisms can actually embed themselves into your muscle cells, preventing healthy growth and functioning.

4:14 – Now before I go into number 4, you should consider putting down anything you are currently eating as you watch this because this one may seriously gross you out…

4:33 – A woman in Jacksonville, FL ordered 2 chicken sandwiches from a well established fast food chain and upon taking her first bite, she was greeted with a mouthful of worm.

5:03 – Now although this case was a non-parasitic one, it was a horror story none the less. However there are worm variety worms that are prevalent in fast food chains… and one is the tape worm.

5:15 – and if the tape worm goes untreated, the symptoms can include seizures and even blindness… All that from fast food? No thanks.

5:36 – The simple truth and message I want you guys to take away from this video is that if you just prepare your own food, you run far less risk of eating foods that are contaminated with germs, bacteria or even worse… parasites.

6:03 – And the best part about preparing your own foods is that it is way cheaper than going out to eat as fast food joints all the time. Plus, you can choose foods that actually support lean body mass and weight loss where as fast food finds will lead to nothing but a bigger waistline and a high risk of contracting a parasite or illness.

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Thanks for tuning in this week, guys. Now I know the parasites I covered in this video may freak you out, but what should freak you out the most is that you’ve been blindly consuming this garbage for years and these big fast food corporations keep the deadly truth hidden: and that deadly truth is that these fast food choices can damage your health and may even result in life-long illnesses. But there is good news: I’ve made a free video that shows you what you can eat in order to take control of your health and get into killer shape – without subjecting yourself to harmful contaminants.

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