Workout song : Vol 2 ▶GREATEST WORKOUT MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH & MUSIC – Epic Inspirational Music Mix|1-Hour |

Vol 2 ▶GREATEST WORKOUT MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH & MUSIC – Epic Inspirational Music Mix|1-Hour |



The second volume of the Inspirational Epic Music and Speeches Series has arrived! MORE SPEECHES, MORE POWER, this mix will let you feel like a BEAST!
Inspiration for life, for workout, for being great every second, every day!
Changing your life happens step by step, take every chance, take every possibility and be perseverance and constancy your ideals.

INTRO Danny Cocke – Reborn
02:51 Ian Dolamore – Ascension
03:23 Jo Blankenburg – Cerberus
04:33 Danny Cocke – The Quickening
06:11 Dracula Between Crosses OST – The Journey (Peter Roe)
08:09 Ian Dolamore – Black Armada
09:45 Jo Blankenburg – Valkyrie
11:10 Jo Blankenburg – Chiron
13:02 Introvert – Hiraeth
15:17 James Dooley – Ira Deorum
17:21 Joseph Trapanese – Radiate
18:59 Danny Cocke – Defyer
20:32 Jo Blankenburg – Argus
22:11 Jo Blankenburg – Artemis
24:15 Trevor DeMaere & David Eman – Legions Calling
25:35 Position Music – Penitence (Roya)
28:38 Jo Blankenburg – Medusa
30:36 James Dooley – Invictus
31:21 Jo Blankenburg – Lycan
33:00 Joseph Trapanese – Lumen
35:48 James Dooley – Trinity
36:50 Reece Kane – From The Ashes
38:05 Jo Blankenburg – Imperatrix Mundi
39:01 Position Music – Sanctum (Shades of the Abyss)
41:28 Revolt Music – Xenon
43:07 Jo Blankenburg – Divus
46:06 Position Music – Cryptwalker (Shades of the Abyss)
48:18 Position Music – A Moment Of Falling (Jeff Broadbent)
49:20 Position Music – Rapt in the Water of Night (Jeff Broadbent)
50:27 Danny Cocke – To Be Awoken
52:51 Danny Cocke – Pantheon
54:30 Jo Blankenburg – Medea
55:52 Position Music – Hiroshyma (feat Binarius)
END Philipp Klein – Clockwork

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Introvert Music:
James Dooley:
Joseph Trapanese:
Reece Kane:
Revolt Music:
Philipp Klein:
Trevor DeMaere:
David Eman:

►Motivational speakers:
Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith, Tony Robbins, Shia Labeouf, John Kennedy, Elliot Hulse.

►Thanks for all your support!


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