Workout Plans : Jason Blaha Q&As October 15th, 2017 Part 1

Jason Blaha Q&As October 15th, 2017 Part 1



0:07 I’d like to reffer to your recent video about weak points. Thought that occured to me is that if we assume that a given muscle is a weak link (limiting factor) in a lift – let’s say tricep in CGBP for example – then wouldn’t that mean that this particular muscle is engaged and therefore stimulated maximully in that lift and thus isolation work on it is pointless? Logic would suggest that if a muscle is a weak link – which is noticeable – then it’s already used fully in that movement, or is there something i’m missing?
5:44 Would a lighter pump session working the same muscles the day after a heavy workout increase muscle protein synthesis from the last workout? Christian Thibaudeau says that you can use this method to boost the protein synthesis from the main workout. Thanks
8:26 Hi coach, you changed my life. I finished your novice 5×5 program, my best lifts are: 110kg bench 5×5(paused), 180kg deadlift x1, 165kg squat x1(did 134kg 5×5), 71kg OHP 5×5, 25kg chin-ups attached 1×5, rows 95kg 5×5.
I wanna continue getting stronger and bigger but don’t know what program should I choose beetween your 12 week strenght intermidiate program or your linear hypertrophy 7 week program, please help me a bit decide what’s best based on my maxes. Have a nice day also man.
11:09 Small Female, 115lbs, needs a larger shelf for lowbar as even an OPB with an A7 shirt doesn’t work. Preferable exercises for building this shelf? Just continue with more rows and face pulls? Rear felt flies are easy to cheat, worth it? Other thoughts ?
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