Why You Don’t Have Six Pack Abs

Why You Don’t Have Six Pack Abs



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If you don’t have six pack abs, chances are that it’s because you haven’t implemented most of the advice you’ve learned. After all, you can learn for free on YouTube how to get six pack abs on my channel and many other great fitness channels. So in today’s video Mike and I are going to show you how to IMPLEMENT what you learn on YouTube so you get real results from it.

This week, we start off by talking about WHY in the world to people ask for advice and then not follow it… This is a widely common occurrence within fitness and getting to the bottom of it right here and now will definitely help you guys avoid and overcome the tendency to “meh” at the advice given for achieving optimal fitness levels.

Video Breakdown:

1:00 – I think the number one reason why people don’t follow the advice they are given is because they felt that the act of SEEKING the advice was sufficient enough in terms of “effort”.

1:31 – I agree, people tend to get a satisfaction when they HEAR the “secrets” or guru “tips” and in knowing how to achieve their goal, they leave off their… The action never comes.

2:06 – I can compare that to my upbringing when I was advised to go to Church. I went to church because I was advised it would make me a better person but in fact the act of just showing up does not change who I am – I realized that you have to actually APPLY what you learn to your everyday life in order to reap the benefits.

3:05 – The best is one someone comes up to me and says, “Yo Mike, how do I get into shape?”… So I ask, do you workout right now? They always hit me with no. Well… I am thinking: That should be, obviously, the first step of action to take.

4:03 – And I think you are right. I think people want to just “ask” so they can simply feel better about themselves for attaining that new knowledge of “how”.

4:28 – As a personal trainer, I get quizzed all the time but it gets so repetitive relaying information that I put into place an appointment based schedule to where potential clients book an appointment that they reserve with an in-advance fee and mentally, I have gotten them to then commit because they are financially invested in the information that I am about to deliver them – Making their results twice as likely to unfold.

5:28 – Unfortunately, that’s very true too… I give plenty of free workouts and tips on Six Pack Shortcuts and it’s not very often that viewers are actually consistently using this free fitness information to their advantage. When you have to purchase fitness info, you actually do have to make a commitment. A financial one, which can ground people into actually putting in the work.

6:06 – Focus on what you’ll gain instead of lose… Focus on health, your aesthetics, longevity instead of “What if I waste $100 on this fitness program?” – That’s the wrong initial mindset.

6:35 – Also having a date in mind helps. A timeline will change the sense of urgency as well and create a commitment that will last during your transformation.

8:17 – Great thought. People get motivated to get into shape through weddings, reunions, and even fitness competitions all through the motivation of “HOW ARE OTHERS GOING TO JUDGE ME” instead of thinking about “HOW AM I GOING TO JUDGE MYSELF”… Personal standards should be above what anyone else thinks of you.

9:42 – You know guys, we’ve both been through this where we give advice and there are no actions taken from that. If you truly want to get results, you need to gauge your goals to achieve the results you are looking for. Decide that for YOURSELF, not for the interest of others.

11:30 – This brings up another interesting point – When I get asked for advice I often have to un-train the advice out of them that they misinterpreted or that was deceptive info. When you are getting advice, always be sure that your source is credible and that multiple resources point to the same conclusion before you take action!

11:58 – If you want to get results, you need to make a plan, set your goal and be able to track your results, guys, simple as that!

How to get ripped results, simplified:

Thanks again for watching guys, I feel so fortunate to be able to open up to you all about what it takes to really start seeing personal results and growth. Before myself and my boy Clark got serious about what it was going to take to add lean muscle mass onto our frames, we had to take the same action plan that I am now giving to YOU in order to take it to the next level

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