Travel Workouts For Men Over 40 — Avoid Gaining Fat While Traveling

Travel Workouts For Men Over 40 — Avoid Gaining Fat While Traveling



See What Happens To Testosterone Production After 30:

Hey guys,

It’s Mark here, straight from my motel room here in Pueblo, Colorado. I wanted to give you guys a little bit of an update and fill you in on some stuff that I never leave home without.

First of all, I’ve got my Test Reload here – and that’s an herbal test booster that I recommend all my guys with Abs After 40 take because when you get your testosterone back under your control, it makes all the difference in the world.

You miss out on a lot of the benefits of your exercise and muscle building if you’re not supporting your test, so give it a try because it’s really the things that keeps men.. well, men. Get yours here:

Second – I take Six Pack Sleep when I’m not getting good rest. Now here in Pueblo, I’ve been so exhausted from these past couple of days – so I haven’t really needed them, but the funny thing is… my camera guy here, Jimmy, he has had a horrible time trying to sleep these past few days. I mean he was only getting 2 or 3, maybe 4 hours of sleep every night…

But I made him take some of this last night, and he absolutely just passed out and slept like a baby. It works – and this sleep is crucial if you want your body to recover and repair so you can continue to make gains and get leaner, so if you need that extra leg up in getting your sleep, go here:

Anyway – it’s been a crazy couple of days. I spent most of yesterday trying to repair my car because it broke down on me after my first run, and eventually I finally got it going before the end of the night, so today we’re gonna be racing again, or attempting to – but we’ll see if the car can handle it.

Today I’m also gonna give you guys another workout – So yesterday we worked chest and lower body – and I want to keep it even and hit all the important muscle groups, so I’m going to figure out how I can work out my back and shoulders too.

One thing I’ll be doing are some farmer carries – which you’ll see people in the gym doing a lot where they’re just walking around carrying kettlebells or something heavy. I’ve got a couple cans of gasoline that are about 30-35 pounds each, and I’m gonna give those a try.

Racetrack Back & Shoulders workout:

5:01 – Bent Over Rows – We’re going to use the same set up as yesterday to do some bent over rows with my racing tires. Now here, the important thing is to make sure you’re keeping your back as flat as possible and not rounding or hunching. 3-4 Sets of about 10 reps.

9:02 – Farmer’s Carry – I’m literally just picking up two gas cans that each weigh about 35 pounds or so and walking as far as I can with them. This will require engagement from all parts of my upper body, and even my calves. It will especially hit my traps and forearms.

14:05 – Barbell Overhead Press with the Tire set up – Now this is going to be a little different than the ones we do in the gym because the tires will be getting in the way of my elbows and be a little bit harder to balance, but we’re still going to get an awesome workout and even hit some stabilizer muscles that we don’t normally hit as hard with the extra need for balance.

17:39 – Here I’m sitting with a good friend of mine and doing a little bit of question and answer on how he’s staying fit and healthy at 56 years old!

26:20 – Motel Room Workout – I’m doing this workout because I’m about to sit in the car for another 14 hours and I just really need to get the blood flowing through my body and get my muscles active, because I know I’m going to hate sitting around in the car for that long.

26:31 – Tricep dips, feet elevated

27:15 – Flat Push-Ups

27:45 – Chair Step Ups

Repeat 3 times, adding some decline push ups if you want or have the ability, increasing the height of your step ups by using another surface (like the bed instead of a chair).

Thanks for watching and hanging out with us while we went on our trip to Colorado. Thanks for your support and keep on keepin’ on!


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