Top 3 Tips You Need To Know To Build A Shredded Chest

Top 3 Tips You Need To Know To Build A Shredded Chest



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What’s up Guys, it’s Clark. Today I’m going to share with you 3 quick tips on some of the best chest building and sculpting movements.

So if I wanted to balance this sledgehammer, I would move or position myself so that I am directly under the weight at all time – to keep it from falling over. This same principle applies to chest exercises too.

Video Breakdown:

0:22 – During dumbbell chest presses, you want to make sure you are keeping your elbows directly under the weight.

0:34 – This means that when I come down and then press up, my elbow stays underneath the weight the entire time. If your elbow is slightly bent inwards, the weight will not be properly supported so it is important to always keep the elbows under for proper form.

1:09 – And of course, perform this exercise with the full range of motion to avoid injuries or dropping the weight on your face. Pre-existing injuries should be the only reason for inability to complete the full range of motion.

1:14 – The tip for this exercise is to keep balance in mind during this exercise as it will be the key to achieving the optimal form.

1:30 – Another tip is utilizing proper elbow positioning. During a bench press, a lot of guys will elevate or lift their elbows towards their head; this high elbow position is not good for your shoulder girdle and will reek havoc on your rotator cuffs.

1:49 – The trick is to keep neutral elbow positioning, and balance the weight so that the resistance is directly above the elbow position.

2:08 – And a lot of guys ask me, “how do you build a big chest?”, and of course, the answer is always: a press variation such as dumbbell press or barbell flat bench press – but you want to make sure that it is your CHEST that is doing the pushing – not just your triceps.

2:32 – For example, bench pressing with your elbows directed towards your rib cage will work primarily your triceps, and not your chest. To fix this, start with a medium to wide grip, bring the bar all the way down to your chest and get a nice stretch in and press with your pecs.

3:05 – Now as far as contracting your pecs in a fly exercise, the goal is to bring your arms forward and in front of your body – not pull the cables directly together in a curl fashion. If you are pulling the cables together, you are working more biceps than you are working your pecs. The idea is to get a full stretch, like a bear hug, with the cables so that you are getting a complete, full stretch and contraction of your chest muscles.

So there you have it guys, those are my 3 chest workout tips for the day:

1. Dumbbell presses: Always keep in mind that balancing the weight directly under your elbows will be the key to perfecting the form of this movement
2. Bench press: Consider your elbow positioning before executing this exercise to ensure you are contracting your pecs and not your triceps
3. Cable fly: Focus on using your pecs to pull your arms together during this movement to avoid taxing your biceps during this exercise

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