The ONE and ONLY Thing You Need for a Ripped Body

The ONE and ONLY Thing You Need for a Ripped Body



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Hey! What’s up guys,

It’s Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts and I’ve got a question for you: What is the ONE thing that you need to do in order to get ripped in 90 days?
– By this I mean, by doing this one thing everything else becomes easier or unnecessary.

**The book of the month is “The One Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

0:21 It’s basically about focusing on the most important thing to do and disregarding everything else.

– The reason I started reading this book is because I found myself doing a lot of things every single day and just being burnt out!
– And even though I was tired and burnt out, I still wanted more – more results, more income, more time with family, more productivity at work, etc…
– It’s very common to want to DO less but GET more!

1:20 Ok, so how do you do it??
– A lot of our programs are already based on this concept, the concept of doing the most effective things and disregarding everything else.

1:46 The way to find out that “one” thing is to first decide what your actual goals are.
– The people who just do busy work all day, feeling exhausted but not really accomplishing anything are the same people who don’t get what they want and complain.

– Why is it that everyone has the same amount of time in a day, but not everyone is able to accomplish the same things?
– The main reason is because they DON’T do the things that are important to meeting their goals.

2:46 “What is the ONE thing that I can do everyday to accomplish my ultimate goal?”
– To find that ask yourself: “What is the ONE thing that I can do in the next 10 years to accomplish my ultimate goal? The next 5 years? This next year? In the next 6 months? What can I do this month?…”

– You get the idea, write this all down and don’t skip any because you don’t know what to do unless you know what you’re doing it for. So working backwards like this is the best way!

4:38 This won’t be a quick 10 minute thing – this will take some thought to get some actual direction to achieving your goals.
– You’ll find everyday that you’re more productive and be doing less “things” but you’ll be doing more important things that get you results!

5:19 I wrote down some things that I thought were productive but really weren’t. Here are some of those on my list:
1) Multi-Tasking:
– I realized that when doing two things at one time, you’re really not able to focus on both at one time. (you really aren’t!)

2) Distractions and Busy Work:
– I would run around the office doing things that I thought were productive, but really I was doing busy work that wasn’t important.

6:30 Do not do “To Do” lists you need “Success” lists.
– Success List = “this is what I need to do in order to accomplish this goal”

3) Saying Yes to Things:
– I’m a people pleaser, I say yes to everything.
– But anytime you say yes to something, you’re actually saying no to something else – you’re saying no to that ONE thing.

4) Balance Life:
– It’s always a struggle to balance all the things I’ve got going on.
– Don’t let yourself work hard now thinking that you’ll be able to relax later, somethings you can never get back in life – don’t miss these opportunities!

9:08 The way you fix this is by “counter balancing” – things may look balanced on the outside, but really it’s not.
– The book gave an example of a ballerina, it looks like she is balancing on her tip-toes from far away but really her feet are moving very quickly, shifting between the two almost vibrating to create this illusion.

5) Going Big is Hard:
– People think that achieving a big goal is harder than achieving a small goal when really it’s the same thing.
– The only difference between the two is your mind, how much are you going to limit yourself?

**Think small live small – think big live big!

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