The Blueprint For Getting Ripped — Henry Tran & Clark Shao

The Blueprint For Getting Ripped — Henry Tran & Clark Shao



Get six pack abs fast:

Hey guys what’s up – Clark here today to introduce my boy Henry to the Six Pack Shortcuts team! Today, I want to not just familiarize all of you guys with my training partner here but I also wanted to dive into how skinny, lean-bodied guys such as Henry can pack on quality mass.

Video Breakdown:

0:27 – I looked to Arnold and Sylvester to first get my inspiration – When I saw those physiques I knew that building a chiseled, head-turning body was going to be my ultimate goal and passion.

1:07 – When it comes to fat loss, DIET is number one – it all starts in the kitchen. HIIT cardio is great for weight loss but resistance training is just as necessary – It’s the balance and combination of all three to get the overall RIPPED physique you are looking for.

2:28 – I think that HIIT training is the best time efficient method for getting ripped quick – You can do intervals that incorporate resistance training which allows you to chisel down and reveal lean mass.

3:31 – For foods that are MUST haves in the pantry of “shreds”, it’s always a good idea to keep it simple. Lean proteins, low glycemic carbs, complex carbs and green veggies work best for me. Chicken, ground turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and any green veggie of your choice will work just great to keep you lean.

4:29 – Fruit is definitely a good choice but consider it “nature’s dessert” – They contain antioxidants and fiber but they also contain a lot of sugar – so keep the portions minimal.

5:15 – Cheat meals are important for maintaining your SANITY – You need to learn how to control it. Think of your cheats at a reward. So after a full week of working out, it’s a great way to stay flexible with one cheat meal during the weekend. Being too restrictive will typically result in burning out quick from a diet plan.

7:30 – Everyone has a different idea in regards to cheat meals – Every “body” is different and does not require regular cheats where as some metabolisms can completely handle it.

9:30 – Go ahead and season your foods during your clean meal sessions – This will assist you in not having insatiable cravings for cheats!

10:10 – Personally, I don’t drink – it is not part of my lifestyle therefore it never effects my ability to stay conditioned year round. However, it’s great to enjoy your social life in moderation – just be sure you stay in control of your intake. Switch to light beer or liquor with water/lime, or a sugar free cola.

11:39 – I actually mix my vodka with BCAA’s! Stay anabolic as you enjoy your unwinding time.

How normal guys can lose stubborn belly fat:

Thanks again for watching guys – Henry and I have trained together for years back in Houston, way before we discovered the shortcuts to getting ripped abs. Our main mission is to give all of you guys the tips and tools necessary for you to bypass the years of trial and error that we faced during our transformations so that you can enjoy your shredded physique in record time.

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