Shoulder Workout For Men Over 40 — With US Marine Austin Sullivan

Shoulder Workout For Men Over 40 — With US Marine Austin Sullivan



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Hey guys,

Happy 4th of July! Today we’re going to work on our shoulders because improving this muscle group can not only protect the very injury-prone shoulder joint as you age – or especially if you do a lot of overhead movement – but it can also help make you look very big, wide, and muscular.

Workout Breakdown:
Cable Lateral Raise: Grab the handles of the cables (which should be positioned low), have a slight bend in your knees, push your chest up and out, pulling the shoulders back into the proper posture position, and using your deltoids, raise your arms up to the sides to about shoulder level.

Bent-Over Rear Delt Cable Flyes: Kneeling down to your knees, and bend at the hips so your back is almost parallel to the floor. Turn your arms so that your pinkies are facing up when you pull your arms up toward the ceiling. Feel the contraction in the rear part of your shoulders.

Rear Delt Cable Crossovers (standing):
This is another method you can use to hit your rear delts. Using the same arm position (pinking facing backwards) you’re just grabbing the cables from a higher position and pulling them from a crossed position so you get a larger range of motion.

Seated Rear Delt Dumbbell Flyes:
This exercise might require a lower weight than you assume you would use, but remember that the rear delts are a small muscle. Sitting on a bench, lean forward as much as you can until your torso is near parallel to the ground. grab your dumbbells, push your chest out, and pinkies up – and pull your arms up to about level with your shoulders.

1:33 – Warm Up
5:21 – Cable Lateral Raise (full weight set)
13:30 – Rear Delt Cable Flyes
16:38 – Standing Rear Delt Cable Crossovers
22:22 – Seated Rear Delt Flyes

So there you have it guys. A few extra exercises you can do for a muscle group that a lot of people forget about – the rear delts. Make sure to incorporate these into your next shoulder day, or an extra once or twice a week when your upper body isn’t too tired or sore.

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Happy 4th of July,
Mark & Austin

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