Shoulder Blasting Workout for Faster Gains

Shoulder Blasting Workout for Faster Gains



You Never Would Have Guessed That You Get Abs This Way:

Yo! What’s up guys,

It’s Mike, we’re outside today and we’re going to be hitting some SHOULDERS. All you will need to do this workout is a barbell and some dumbbells, so follow along with me today because if you make it a habit to do workouts like this one you’ll soon have the body of you’ve always wanted.

Workout Breakdown:

4 exercises / 30 seconds each / 4 rounds of doing all 4 exercises one right after the other / 30 second rests

– The Exercices:
1) Standing Military Press:
– Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart.
– Bring the barbell to your chest and press straight up until your your arms are almost locked out above your head.
– Bring it back down and repeat that movement.
2) Wide Grip Upright Row:
– Stand in the same position as before, but this time hold the barbell in front of you down by your thighs.
– In a swift motion bend your elbows, pointing them up to the sky, and bring the barbell up to your chest.
– Lower it back down to starting position and repeat.
3) Bent Arm Side Laterals:
– Same stance as before, a little wider than hip width apart, and hold your dumbbells in front of you, palms facing towards each other.
– With elbows bent, raise the dumbbells up so that your arm is parallel to the ground.
– With control, bring them back down and repeat.
4) Hammer Front Raises:
– Keep your same strong stance and hold your dumbbells by your side.
– One at a time, bring each dumbbell up as high as you can with straight arms.
– Bring each one down as if you had a hammer then repeat on other arm.

0:57 If you have only dumbbells and no barbell, you can still do this workout.

1:08 If you have a barbell and no dumbbells then the only difference will be with the side laterals.
– You can take the plates off your barbell, find a good grip and do it that way.

**If all else fails, grab some water jugs – They’ll get pretty heavy after a while!

Video Breakdown:

2:24 Also, keep in mind that I warmed up already before this – so get a warm up in real quick before starting this routine.
– This is a fast routine and you can get pretty fatigued so your warm up will be really important.

I’m all warmed up! You ready? Let’s do this!

3:08 Round 1
7:08 Round 2
11:08 Round 3
13:11 Round 4

This was one killer shoulder workout, it was very short but very intense! I hope you enjoyed it and do this yourself at home. Four rounds is a great way to start, but for all you advanced guys, I would recommend just adding more rounds.

So, for more workouts like this, tips, tricks and diet ideas come back to check us out often. And don’t forget to RECOVER – Leave your comments below and keep sending in those progress pics!

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Train hard,

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