Pokémon Go Workout Tips: Do These While You Catch ‘Em All!

Pokémon Go Workout Tips: Do These While You Catch ‘Em All!



The Rapidash Way To Get Six Pack Abs:

Hey guys,

It’s Jonny here, with my good friend Emily. Emily is one of the big Pokémon Go fans in our office, so I invited her out with me today to show me what all this Electabuzz is about.

I didn’t understand much about this game at first and I thought it was pretty Oddish that everyone was so obsessed with it… I mean, was it really THAT Tentacool?!

However, Emily showed me how people are waking out of their Drowzeeness and Snorlaxing to go outside, explore, and exercise, even in the Flameon Texas heat!

I knew I had to give it a Chansey… And maybe even see what else we could do to help people go from Puff to Tuff.

We ended up making a video while we wandered around this park here in Austin, TX that is apparently a Mecca of Pokéstops, and I wanted to show you how you can become even more of a Master Pokémon Trainer by catching ’em all while you get chiseled like Machamp.

Here’s how to Exeggcute a few moves that can help you build a rock-hard body like Onix while you’re out and about:

Step Ups:
On a bench or elevated surface, simply step up while driving the opposite knee straight up.

Simply step forward with one foot – the further you can go without falling or hurting yourself, the better. Once your foot is steady in front of you, let the weight of your body pull you straight down – bending each knee. Let your knee slightly tap the ground. You can do these while walking – or you can do them in one place by just pushing from the front leg back up into the starting position.

Park Bench Dips:
Sit on the ground in front of a bench, facing away from the bench. Place your hands behind you on the bench, and either keeping knees bent or placing feet far out in front of you, lift your butt off the ground and push up with your arms so that they straighten out. Lower yourself back down, and repeat. For more of a challenge, have a friend hold your feet up.

Park Bench Push-ups:
These are great because whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can challenge yourself. For beginner’s – place your hands relatively high up on the bench, like on the back rest. Have them about shoulder width or slightly wider, and keeping your body tight in a straight line, lower yourself down to your hands, and then push hard back up to the starting position. Keep your elbows about 45 degrees away from your body if possible.

Pull-ups or Playground Rows:
While I didn’t mention these in the video, I thought it would be great to include them. If you can find a bar around chest height, you can face that bar, grab onto it with both hands, step your feet forward so that you’re leaning backwards away from the bar, and then pull yourself toward the bar by squeezing your back muscles. The lower the bar, the more difficult this will be!

You can also do interval sprints – which will help you retain muscle mass and drop fat fast – and get those eggs hatched! I would recommend doing about 50-100 yard hard sprints, followed by walking back.

One other option is challenging your friends… And that’s Emily’s favorite because she likes to compete! Her suggestion is this:

When you’re in an area saturated with Pokémon, and everyone sees the same ones, whoever is the Slowpoke and catches it last has to drop down and do a few reps of one of those exercises! Push ups, Body squats, bench squats,

I hope you won’t be too Krabby about giving these a Poliwhirl because building muscle is critically important for helping maintain healthy hormone levels, increasing your metabolism & daily resting calorie burn, and just giving you that “fit” look.

All in all, the Six Pack Shortcuts Crew thinks this app is a complete Victreebel – and we hope that you can continue to stay motivated and get fit wherever you are!

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Thanks for tuning in today, everyone. Happy hunting, hope you catch ’em all!


PS – Don’t forget to share this with your friends and teammates…Especially Team Mystic 😉 !

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