Outdoor Workout For Men Over 40 — How I Stay Ripped When Racing

Outdoor Workout For Men Over 40 — How I Stay Ripped When Racing



Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Men Over 40:

Hey guys,

Mark here again with Abs After 40 to give you more insight into how I stay fit while keeping up with my hobbies… one of which is racing!

Sometimes my trips taking me pretty far away, like here to Pueblo, Colorado, and a lot of times, keeping healthy while traveling can be tough – especially since you’re away from your gym or your equipment, you don’t have your normal food choices, and you’re just in a different scenario.

So, today I’m going to show you how we managed to eat well in the hotel this morning (since I messed it up last night) and how I got my workout in at the race track.

First, I’m going to load up on some fruit so I can get some of that healthy sugar that’s packed right alongside some fiber to help me start feeling a little full. The great thing about this fruit is that it also holds a lot of water, so I can hydrate a little bit too.

Next I’m going to grab some scrambled eggs and hot sauce to get my protein and some healthy fats in there to keep my muscles satiated with the protein they need for recovery.

I’m avoiding the sausage because pork often has a much, much higher fat content than other meats and animal products, and the saturated, greasy animal fat can be one of your worst enemies. We do like to have good, healthy fats like from olive oil or nuts, but this is one we typically should avoid.

I got some hash browns that were skillet cooked, because we still do need some extra carbs, especially for myself as an ectomorph.

Now we’re here at the track, and I’m going to do a quick workout since I have at least an hour and a half until I get back onto the track. I spent 15 hours in the car yesterday so I really feel the need to get my body moving and doing some work.

Anywhere you are, you can always figure out some way to get a workout in and that’s what we’re going to do today – we’ve gotta get a little creative, but we’re going to get it in.

Since the air here has a little bit less oxygen saturation, I’m going to take about a minute between sets to catch my breath again..

I’m starting out with my normal stretching routine, loosening up my shoulders with some arm swings.

1st set: Regular push ups, about 10 reps.

2nd set of push ups – 5 regular, 5 close grip push ups with your hands closer together.

3rd set of pushups – 15 decline push ups

Next we’re going to loosen up the legs and work them out as well so we can burn more calories with the bigger muscle groups.

Unweighted squats, 20 reps of bodyweight lunges, and leg stretches are next up.

Now the interesting thing I did to make these lunges a little bit tougher is think about my materials I had with me, and figure out something creative.

What I did was take the handle to my race jack, and I put my race tires on there, and then added some vice grips to the tires so they can’t come off.

Do another set of lunges, just with the added weight here… 10 on each side.

Since I had that set up for the lunges, I’m also gonna throw in a couple sets of squats – 10 reps.

This got pretty tough, especially with the increased altitude so I kept the rests a little bit longer.

Now for the end, I’m going to do a bit of a cool down with more bodyweight exercises to finish up.

This’ll be standing lunges, stepping backwards. 20 reps total, 10 per leg.

Stick around for tomorrow’s video – and check us out for more fitness, nutrition, and weight loss tips to keep you healthy through your entire life, no matter what age.

See ya!


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