My Tip About Leg Raises That You Probably Didn’t Know

My Tip About Leg Raises That You Probably Didn’t Know



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What’s up everybody,

It’s Mike and today I’m going to give you a quick tip on Leg Raises! Listen up, this could really give you an advantage in your workouts and you’ll be THAT much closer to the body you’ve always wanted. Everyone will be asking you HOW you did it!

Video Breakdown:
– Hanging Leg Raises has been one of my biggest challenges when it comes to abs – So I know there are a lot of questions out there about this.

0:15 The biggest thing that I found, is that I couldn’t stop moving around!
– I see guys all the time trying to do this and unable to control their body and just keep swinging around instead of getting a good ab workout in.

0:47 This is what I started doing:
– You’re first going to have a bar that is low enough.
– The bar I have, I’m able to be on my tip-toes and still grab it. If you’re not able to reach it, then I recommend that you grab a bench or something else to stand on so you can reach it.

1:15 Once you’re able to reach the bar while touching the ground or some other platform:
– Grab the bar and put your feet together on the ground.
– From there, you’re going to raise your knees to your chest then lower all the way down to lightly touch the ground, then keep repeating just like this.

1:28 THIS way, you aren’t going to rock anywhere!
– It’s all a slow and controlled motion and you don’t waste your energy focusing on the wrong thing.

1:48 Once you get the hang of it, then you can move faster.
– Over time, you won’t even need to touch the ground anymore!

2:04 And from there, you can start straightening out your legs and making your leg raises even more difficult.
– You have to make sure that you start off slow and work your way up.
– If you just start without getting the basics down, like a lot of guys, you’re just going to rock around and not really get anything done.

2:22 Let’s go over the whole thing again.
– Remember you’re teaching your body.
– Because once you get that down, then you’ll be targeting your abs and not risking injury.

3:26 Just so you know, the reason that leg raises are such a great ab exercise is because it’s a really good way to engage those lower abs.
– Which I think we have all struggled with!
– Also, the movement of hanging fully extends your abs, then fully contracts them as you raise your legs.
– And most importantly, you don’t need any fancy equipment!

So, try this out guys. It doesn’t matter if you can’t do a lot of these or if they aren’t so pretty to start off with, just do what you can and build up. Anyone who is good at anything didn’t start off that way, they worked on it until they got there!

For more tips like this one, workouts and diet / nutrition advice come to see us! Comment below to let me know what you guys think and keep those progress pics coming in! See you next time!

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