Monster Arms Workout

Monster Arms Workout



Get ripped six pack abs in record time:

Hey guys it’s Nate here with Six Pack Shortcuts here to hit you with my arm day routine that is specifically designed to completely reshape your arm musculature with denser, thicker biceps and triceps.

But first I want to let you guys know a little more about who I am and why I am here…

My main mission is to make videos include real, hardcore, FACTS about gaining more muscle…No BS, gimmicks, or scams… I want to make videos that motivate and inspire YOU guys that you can transform your body and meet your goals – one day at a time!

Now back to the workout…

We will be using one of my all time favorite training techniques to push past your limits and ignite some serious growth: the technique is called “negatives”!

To perform a negative, you will simply add a 3 to 5 second elongated period during the normal negative or lengthening phase of each exercise. This elongated negative period forces a greater time under tension period for the working muscle which results in enhanced the strength, durability and density of the muscle… Maximizing growth like never before!

So for this workout, we will be doing 4 total exercises, alternating between biceps and triceps

We will start with standing barbell curls for biceps, alternating to tricep dips, back to biceps with single arm concentration curls and then finishing with cable rope tricep push-downs – with 4 second negatives included during each eccentric portion of the exercises!

Adding 4 second negatives to our exercises will fatigue and exhaust our muscles much fast so we will be taking rest breaks between – LET’S GET INTO IT!

Workout Breakdown:

4:32 – 3 sets of 10 standing barbell curls – with 4 second negatives on each rep: Curl the bar up in traditional fashion and count 4 second aloud – slowly and controlled as you lower the bar. Curl the bar upwards back to starting position in a normal pace!

10:30 – 3 sets of 10 tricep dips – with 4 second negatives on each rep: Placing your hands on a bench positioned behind you, elevate your feet onto a near by bench and count 4 seconds aloud as you lower yourself to the floor. Explode up into the starting position and repeat.

18:27 – 3 sets of 10 concentration curls on each arm – with 4 second negatives on each rep: Sitting on a bench, position the elbow of the dumbbell bearing arm into your inner knee for support and starting from the top of the movement, count 4 seconds aloud as you lower the weight towards the floor slowly and controlled. Curl the dumbbell upwards back to starting position in a normal pace.

24:28 – 3 sets of 10 cable rope tricep push-downs – with 4 second negatives on each rep: Perform a traditional push down and as you bring the weight back up to starting position, count 4 second negatives. You’ll really feel the muscle stretch on this one!

26:11 – And there you have it guys – Adding negatives to arm day definitely increases the strength as well as the hard, thick appearance of your arms

Build a strong, shredded physique fast:

I hope you guys liked the workout today. Before I got serious about transforming my physique, I found myself a bit lost in the gym – But now that I fully understand the training techniques needed in order to get shredded, I’ll never look back…

To learn the techniques I used to drop my excess body fat, check this out:



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